It's time to cut and serve!

Serve it hot!

We could not be more proud of YOU. As we get closer to the end of this program, we want you to turn up your focus and intensity. Give it YOUR ALL this week. You can! The only one that can tell you you can't is YOU!

Shortcuts to:

To get results, a good workout program must be accompanied by proper nutrition. There's no negotiation. It's just fact.

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Enjoy Week 3!!!

Week 3 Workouts

go up in weight 5-10 lbs

read video's description for equipment needed


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Nutritional Support



What's best for you.

There's plenty of argument on what Pre-Workout and Post-Workout meals should look like, as well a what you should consume during your workout. And there's even more argument on timing of each meal.

You know what the ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL answer is?

There isn't one.

You are unique and so are your needs and how your body operates.

Takeaway Meals


As I shared, I am certified under Precision Nutrition, and I chose to get certified under them because I really like how they do not treat like we are all the same human being with the same genes, metabolism, and lifestyle. Their approach has certainly worked for me and for the many people I have helped.

I know we live in a society with a microwave mentality: give it to me here and now, I don't have time to wait.  But I think it's beautiful and humbling how our bodies always reminds us of one of the greatest virtues a human can have: and that is Patience.


I think we are worth waiting for.


I will speak for myself in saying that I have made so many ignorant and borderline stupid decisions when it came to my health (especially when the goal was weight loss) and my body has always been by my side, listening, obeying, and trying its best to help me survive and even thrive.  After realizing how much I have put my body through, it only made sense to me for us to switch roles: to let my body do the talking and requesting, and me do the listening and obeying.

There are many opinions on what you should and should not eat around your workout. As usual, we hear what science has to say, apply it, and then listen to how our bodies respond.  Our bodies should ALWAYS have the last word. Unless there's a disorder or chronic disease, your body will NEVER steer you wrong.

I will share with you a whole article by Precision Nutrition that shares what eating can look like before, during, and after your workout. 

For this week, I encourage you to focus on what you eat AFTER your workout (aka. Post-Workout Meal- PWM).

Again, here’s how men might build their post-workout meal:

  • 2 palms of protein;

  • 2 fists of vegetables;

  • 2 cupped handfuls of carbs;

  • 2 thumbs of fats;

  • low-calorie beverage like water.

And here’s how women might build their post workout meal:

  • 1 palm of protein;

  • 1 fist of vegetables;

  • 1 cupped handful of carbs;

  • 1 thumb of fats;

  • low-calorie beverage like water.

When you have 5 minutes, read the article below. It's eye-opening and, for me, took the stress and anxiety out of eating around my workouts.

We challenge you to complete these past 3 weeks of this Program a second time around, making 3XT CAKE a 6-week program. Should you choose to do that, then I would encourage you take the article below and focus on

  • Pre-Workout Meals for Week 4

  • What to consume during your workout for Week 5

  • Using Week 6 as an opportunity to review all the basic nutritional knowledge you have gained in this program.

Thank you for trusting us the past 3 week.

Alex, Jessica, and I do not take you and your trust for granted.

If you have enjoyed 3XT CAKE please leave us a review and share this program with a friend. You never know who really needs a program that will help them not only accomplish their physical goals, but also will give them direction, focus, and knowledge.


Ferly, Alex, and Jessica.



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