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We are so happy you tried one of our workouts! 

Every woman that tries our workouts becomes addicted to the way they feel during the workout and after it, and they always come back for more. Imagine that- actually looking forward to a workout!

 What if we told you we created a program that YOU will develop a craving for?


Upper body, Lower Body, Booty, Abs, Yoga, Cardio, Resistance training - we got you covered!

Just like you are addicted to the way Fabletics feels on your body, you will be addicted to the way 3XT makes you feel in your body.

Created by two dance professionals with credentials in fitness and nutrition, who have toured the world with several artists, this program has what it takes to get you out of your rut, step into your light, and help you feel good now.



The Total Xperience for Fabletics Customers

The Total Xperience for Fabletics Customers

$97.00Regular Price$19.00Sale Price



"I have always struggled with body image. Throughout my career, I have tried almost every diet and workout program. I’ve gotten fantastic short-term results in the past, but nothing has helped me long-term. My discipline would help me loose weight fats, but because I was following short-term advice, I was experience short-term results.  The weight would come back as fast as I lost it. That left me very discouraged. I then fully invested myself in new research in order to achieve my goal of looking and feeling my absolute best for my wedding day. Alex and I took our love for dance and co-created workouts that were fun and kept us motivated. I got certified in Nutrition so I could get a hold of my health. What we offer in this program is what we created for ourselves! This is our secret sauce."

"The total experience is fun and fabulous. I am able to stay healthy and happy while enjoying, what doesn’t even seem like a workout or a diet. It’s now my lifestyle. The 3XT ladies, Ferly and Alex, encourage me to be the best me and to be confident with my body. They are able to make this possible with their positive motivation and infectious smiles. Leaving me smiling daily."



Angela P.

"The best 6 weeks I spent on myself . It's not just a 'workout program,' the package gave me all the fundamentals of nutrition, even nutrition that is specific to me, and calendared 'make you sweat' fun workouts that kept me motivated and inspired to seek the best version of me through it. After having a baby, I loved how the program meets you at any endurance, age, or ability to dance."




SueEllen C.




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  • 2 Intense Abs Workout (5 and 10 Minutes)

  • Instructional Videos with Form and Modifications Tips

  • Beginner Level Workout Calendar

  • Intermediate/Advanced Workout Calendar





Designed to give you knowledge and guidance to empower you to make your own decisions with confidence, supporting your ideal healthy lifestyle.

3XT Nutritional Control Cover

3XT Basix Grocery list

3XT Basix CRAVINGS e-Book

3XT Morning Rituals

3XT Bedtime rituals

Alex's top 3XT must haves

Ferly's top 3XT must haves

The Total Xperience for Fabletics Customers

The Total Xperience for Fabletics Customers

$97.00Regular Price$19.00Sale Price


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Get addicted to our workouts.

Give your body what it needs.

Get results.


  • Transform your body and habits from home and love every minute of it.

  • Fun and effective workouts to keep you coming back for more.

  • Work at your own pace and feel confident about your accomplishments.

  • Personal Training and Nutritional guideline live support when you need it!

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