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Metabolix 10 Day Program + Nutrition


No promises. Just science.

Metabolix 10 Day Program focuses on natural techniques to boost your metabolism, increasing energy and vitality. The concept of adding movement to your daily routine is an obvious way to get the system of chemical reactions in our body we call METABOLISM revving up! But sometimes we experienec paralysis by analysis- “There’s so much I could do, where do I begin?”

MOVEMENT: We take the guess work out by walking you through different workouts every single day, keeping things not only exciting but also supplying a balanced focus of different muscle groups. AND… we add dance to them! No better way for time to go by fast and enjoy every minute. They are each 20 minutes or less- allowing to go hard from beginning to end. We also offer Xcelerators that are designed to add to your daily movement regimen- these focus on increasing heart rate and accelerating your results.

NUTRITION: The nutritional ebooks we prepared and offer with Metabolix are all designed to give you truthful and useful knowledge on how to support your Metabolism and improve your metabolic rate. You might be surprised at what you’re about to learn!

You will gain access to:

  • 10 unique workouts
  • 10 Xcelerator Exercise options
  • 10 Food Tips to help increase Metabolic Rate
  • 10 Wellness Tips to boost your Metabolism
  • 10 Recipes
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group Page 3XTRIBE, where you can do the challenge with us!

This is about implementing positive changes or reinforcing current ones. We are confident you will fall in love with taking care of yourself and take this beyond 10 days.

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