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Los Angeles: Musical Theatre Master Class with Lana Love


Lana Love is our final Guest Teacher this Quarter!  The Atlanta born juggernaut fully embodies the spirit of being multifaceted as not only a singer, songwriter and classically trained pianist but also a trained dancer, actor, and burgeoning entrepreneur. Lana will guide us into a Musical Theatre experience, where you will learn how to control breath to support singing while dancing, as well as performance.

WHEN: Thursday, August 25th 6:30-9:30pm (from 6:30-7:30pm you will be warming up with Alex, Ferly and the 3XT Dance Company and learning the routine to CELL BLOCK TANGO, which we will be using in the Master Class with Lana Love).

WHERE: Reflections Studios – 1601 Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste 140, Hermosa Beach, CA. The studio is located on the street level, a few doors down from 24 Hour Fitness.

PARKING: Free parking inside the parking structure.

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Sometimes an artist emerges with an undeniable arsenal of talents and embarrassment of riches, and such is the case with contemporary pop artist Lana Love.  As well as releasing new music, Lana is also the Lyricist and Assistant Director for the Netflix documentary "Making Malinche," with Nacho Cano and Hans Zimmer.

Having built mass hype around her music with placements on Shazam's Best New Music Playlist on Apple Music, Lana has been featured in the likes of Broadway World, Aesthetic Mag, Popwrapped, Vents, and Substream. With a number of high profile sync placements and radio play under her belt, she has amassed a number of credits with Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros., Discovery Channel and Telemundo among others. Playing live, Lana has opened for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Wu Tang Clan among others and recently performed to a 6000 seat crowd for an hour long solo special on PBS, where she genre-bends Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and played a number of new tracks taken from her new EP including the John Lennon Songwriting Competition winning single, "American Love."

The Lana Love story continues to exponentially blossom, she is spreading the one message she holds most dearly... everything, absolutely everything - is love.

“Rhythm is the heartbeat of life” - YLC

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