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Booty Bands: Fabric, Non-slip, 3 Strengths

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These fabric non-slip resistance bands are perfect for ALL our workouts: dance and non-dance. Fabric non-slip bands are the way to go for many reasons:

  • They are statistically more comfortable and manageable.
  • Say goodbye to annoying discomfort: no rolling, no bending, no snapping
  • Say goodbye to slipping: the non-slip strips inside allow the bands to stay right where you put them!


These high quality bands are 3 inches wide and about 29 inches in length.

GRAY Band: Light Resistance | 14-25 lbs in resistance
PINK Band: Medium Resistance | 25-35 lbs in resistance
BLACK Band: Heavy Resistance | 40-50 lbs in resistance

It comes with a carry bag for easy storage and travel.

Have you heard of 3XT CAKE?

We created a at Home Booty Building Program with these exact bands and their perspective resistance strengths. If you would love to sculpt your backside, experience less back and joint pain, and improve body composition, you might want to get the bands with the program and enjoy more than 20% Savings! Get the BANDS+3XT CAKE PROGRAM!

99 in stock

Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions74 × 7.6 × 1.3 in


3 reviews for Booty Bands: Fabric, Non-slip, 3 Strengths

  1. Kira Alger

    It hurts so GOOD. These bands are super sturdy and all levels are great for strength and endurance building. When I used them during the Cake Booty program not only did I feel my butt strengthening, but it also helped with my knee injury I had.

  2. Kandy

    The best description for this Booty program is RESULTS! Thank you Ferly, Alex and Jess- it was amazing! I did the 6 weeks and it’s been body transformation- I can’t say enough about this program and all their programs! All inclusive- from the workouts to the nutrition to the support- unbelievable how much you give! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Sarah E

    Fast shipment, love the material and designs!

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