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3XT CAKE + Fabric non-slip Resistance Bands

$43.00 $30.10

Booty Building Program that will sculpt your entire body, fabric non-slip resistance bands that will take your workouts to the next level!


These non-slip, fabric loop bands are perfect for ALL our workouts: dance and non-dance. These babies stick to you and do not inconveniently roll and won’t snap on you. They are 3 inches wide, thick but extremely comfortable. They are all about 29 inches in length.

GRAY Band: Light Resistance | 14-25 lbs in resistance
PINK Band: Medium Resistance | 25-35 lbs in resistance
BLACK Band: Heavy Resistance | 40-50 lbs in resistance

It comes with a carry bag for easy storage and travel.



A comprehensive gluteus strengthening and building workout you can do at home or at the gym. No need for access to big machines. All you need is free weights and resistance bands.

Fall in love with your new Bands, the new Program, and your new Body!

Already have bands you love but you want to get your hands on out 3XT CAKE program? Now you can!  GET IT HERE!


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