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PRIVATE 1:0n:1 Training






What You Get

Team 3XT. Team is for community. 3XT is for triple threat. Our mentality is that we can accomplish anything together. We TRAIN because we practice self-love. We TRANSFORM because we are evolving humans. And we TRIUMPH because we are a team.


PRIVATE training 

Our goal is to help you succeed in your goals. So whether it’s in dance or in fitness, we are happy to design a program especifically for you. Yes, it’s personal to us!

1:0n:1 training

1:1 Training is one of our in-person and virtual services we offer. Here you have our full attention. This is proven to be the fastest way to achieve your goal, especially when it’s short term.

Set up a call with us and let’s determine together your exact roadmap and who in the Team will be coaching you every step of the way.

Small Group training

Small Group Training is another one of our in-person and virtual services. If you prefer to move with friends and make the experience as social as it is physical, this is a great option for you. We also offer PARTIES packages, which are great for get togethers, Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers. We can even set you up with a Bridesmaids and Groomsmen dance and get everyone talking!

Let’s schedule a call and get you started!


Private and Small Group classes are also offered  in a  corporate setting both virtually and in-person. Here, we listen to the needs and wants of the team and build an experience around it. It’s a great team-building opportunity as it promotes connection as much as it promotes physical and mental health.

Let’s chat about ways we can help your team feel stronger, more confident, and work more productively.

We also bring entertainment to corporate events. Let’s set up a call to discuss your needs and vision.



the dance company

The 3XT Dance Company is a safe space for novice dancers to return to their love of dance while training with celebrity instructors, getting exposure to professional performance opportunities in Los Angeles and San Diego.

We stand for authentic high quality teaching while promoting integrity to non-competitively show up with consistency and love for the team and the dream. 

We started this company because we wanted people to stop being robbed of the joyous opportunity to holistically and drastically improve their lives through the power of this miracle we call dance.

Taking our experience from the big stages and TV sets the Company is the experience that erases the myth that dance has an expiration date in her life. 

“Alex! Ferly!

I have been trying to figure out what to say as I don’t have the words but Thank You!!!  All the care, dedication, support, and love you give us all.  And we are so many!!  Thank you!!!

I have so much love for you both and the team!  The connections with the women, the learning, the growing.  I have to tell you that when I started classes in LA pre company days, I always stood in the back.  I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror.  And to think that I just performed on a stage.  Just seems out of this world to me.  I teared up because it’s something that I’ve wanted since you’ve all started this and I was too afraid and didn’t think I was good enough or really that I could do it.

I have so many emotions about everything!  And hope you know you’re changing peoples’ lives!”

Gaby Lopez

what They’re Saying

MEMBERS’ Testimonials

I have always enjoyed dancing, but never in any space like a dance class, let alone a dance company! Never thought I was a “dancer” in that capacity, at least not until Team3XT. I have found hoy in my body again and started to build confidence. It has brought me back to life!”

Genesis Ruiz

“Alex and Ferly set the bar high but know how to encourage and support all their company members. They are a wealth of knowledge and graciously give individualized feedback so you improve no matter your prior level of experience. With their guidance you will go from someone who attends dance classes to feeling like a dancer.”

Rebecca Lush

“3XT has allowed me to do what I love and learn from the best. I always had a passion for dance but the positive and encouraging environment has allowed me to grow as a dancer and as a person alike. The company has given me opportunities I never dreamed possible, all next to powerful and talented women who have become like family.”

Gabrielle Thomason


We don’t play around when it comes time to play around. Our events and pop-ups are always purposeful and filled with positivity and fun. Community matters  a lot to us, and this is a way to keep in touch with old friends and make some new ones. We welcome every body.

Check out our next event, which is a charity event for A Place Called Home:


therapy MOVEMENT

STILLMOVE is a practice that will help you sharpen your physical focus, balance the hemispheres of your brain, and harness a more loving inner presence. These sessions will slow you down and tend to the interior experience of both your movement and stillness practices. Here we will work on balancing out asymmetries, coordination, pacing, musicality, mobility and meditation. STILLMOVE is the perfect space to get reflective & restore your engagement with the sensory dialogue of the body without losing the fun.

Book a call so we can find out about your needs.

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