What to do on a Sunday, at Home, in Quarantine.

As I'm writing this, 3 out of 4 Americans are in some sort of lockdown.

Everyone responds to it differently.

Extroverts are losing their minds and talking to their kitchen pans.

Introverts are recharging and relieved.

Some are extremely freaked out by this.

Others have been able to retain their lifestyle.

Others Lysol everything and everyone they get close to.

Others simply practice social distancing.



One thing we do have in common though. We now appreciate toilet papers more than ever before.

Wherever you are in this reaction/response spectrum, you're most likely home.

During the week we manage to keep busy. But then the weekend seems to be a brutal reminder of our inability to go out and have different connections.

Hence, we are all growing our self-entertaining skills.

Everyone and their mama is going LIVE.

There's a virtual meeting happening every minute.

FaceTime and Skype is how you date.

Virtual is our Reality now.

So guess what?

We are going LIVE!!!!


But it's different than other people's lives, you know why?

Because we are not them! And they...ain't...us!

It's not just a Live, it's not just a meeting, it's not just a dance class or workout, or a live DJ session, or a live happy hour. It's ALL OF IT! AND it's WITH US!

(brushing our shoulders off)

We will vibe, sip, and dance to the Live Mixing of Kristal Brooke. Get ready! Her mix is so good!! Memory Lane is an understatement!

We ALSO have Porctia Symone, from @PorctiasApron, sharing her delicious, healthy, Gluten Free, Corn Free, SHRIMP AND GRITS RECIPE. Vegan option included. Make your own Sunday Brunch and look like a professional chef doing it!

So prep your favorite Brunch drink.

Grab a chair.

Grab your dance shoes.

Grab your speakers.

Tell a friend.

Maybe even pre-cook your Shrimp and Grits.

And Join us this Sunday, April 5th, at 11am PST on Instagram LIVE.

Don't know how to access the LIVE?

Log in to your Instagram account Sunday at 10:59am PST and search for Team 3XT.

Click on our profile picture (which should have a little play button- symbolizing we are live!), and it will take you instantly to our LIVE streaming.

Kristal has the best jams waiting for us. And I will walk you through a little dance-along to break a little delicious sweat... nothing serious. After all, it's Sunday!

See you then!


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