Ways to feel happier and healthier NOW

We live in a world where we want things quick. Technology has allowed us to be entitled that way. Though there are some things that require time and patience, I do not believe happiness is one of them. Too many of us work towards happiness, like it's something in the distant future that needs to be earned or dependent on others. I believe it's something that's already available to us right now, exactly where we are, and it's up to us to take ownership of it.

We had an event on February 22nd in San Diego titled LOVE YOURSELF: DANCE YOUR HEART OUT. We explored different ways to immediately bring new energy and joy into our lives NOW! The event was sponsored by 12 different companies. As different as they were, they all had something in common: their goal is to help improve people's lives.

Before we explore WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW, I would like the give these wonderful sponsors a shout out:

They went above and beyond to bring a great experience to the attendees, and make them feel good and excited right then and there. Thank you so much for that!

To introduce the first point I would like to discuss, here's a fun edit of some of the greatest moments at the event.

Which brings me to my first advice...

1.) DANCE!!!

Whether it's going out with friends, dancing in the office, or attending a regular dance class, dance has shown to boost mood and energy; increase confidence and body awareness; improve flexibility, coordination, and motor skills, AND... it's anti-aging!

Did you know dance can REVERSE THE SIGNS OF AGING in the BRAIN!?


We will dedicate a whole blog post to this. Stay tuned.

But for now we will leave you with this: Dance, my Love! Put on some music at home and dance. Get your friends and go out dancing. Find a dance fitness or dance class near you and add it to your weekly routine. Lady Gaga told us already: Just Dance!

Did you know we offer free dance workouts here on our site? It might be a fun convenient way for you to add dance into your life!


Let's start with... the messages you tell yourself and therefore reflect onto the world.

You are a walking collection of information introduced to you and retained by you. You repeat to yourself and others the things you believe about yourself and the world. This is why it is SO important who you choose to allow to influence you (AKA: friends, family, co-workers, celebrities, influencers, books, entertainment, etc).

This is the gist of what this blog is all about.

You have taught yourself how to love you and how to love others, but not without the influence of those around you since birth.

ALL4U Apparel has an amazing message. "I am All For You!"

This will make 0 sense to people who walk around thinking they are the center of the Universe and are entitled to things because of it. There are 7 billion people on this planet. If 2 or more people were to think like that, that they each are the center of the Universe, how does that work? Only one point can be the center of the Universe. So who is it? Doesn't it make more sense to think that we are here to experience community, to engage with some of these 7 billion souls? That maybe being part of a community gives us a chance to make a difference in someone's life, big or small? Doesn't it make more sense that not one soul is more or less important than the next?

To contribute to this world, and not just be contributed to.

Life is a series of exchanges. What goes up must come down. Inhale, exhale. Empty the water from a water bottle, only for it to be immediately filled with air. You take, you give. ALL4U Apparel reminds us to be kind to one another. To commit to be there for people, and to wear that commitment boldly. I am all for you.

Wear Success reminds you to recognize the successes in your life, to be proud of the ways you have contributed to the world. Success doesn't just look one way. It can be nursing a baby back to health, getting that promotion, quitting that drug, getting good grades, fulfilling a commitment, picking up trash at the beach, opening your home to a friend in need. Identify the successes in your life and wear them daily. This automatically leads us to gratitude which generates joy. We can feel happy NOW, today. Living a life where you say "I'll be happy when I loose 10 lbs", or "I'll be happy when I get that promotion", or "I'll be happy when I find a partner", sounds like an exhausting and ever reaching lifestyle. You've heard it time and time again: all you've got is TODAY. It's time you start believing it.

You can use discount code 3XT33 at checkout on WearSuccess.com to save 33% on your purchase!

Advice: Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, proud, and YOU, right NOW! Clothes that are visually communicating to the world that you are worthy of love and respect, and that you care for others as you care for yourself. We all get dressed at some point during the day. That can be a great time to remember these principles.


  • What is your attitude towards yourself? This will affect how you treat people.

  • What are the things or stories you are telling yourself daily? How are you using your words to build up others?

  • Do your actions match your attitude and words? How are you representing yourself daily?


Now let's talk about beauty. What is beautiful?

What you accepted as "beautiful" is a collection of information offered to you by others that turned into your belief of beauty. Think back of what you thought was beautiful when you were 8 years old. What about when you 18 years old. Compare them to what you think beautiful is now. It's ever changing, isn't it? There are so many theories as to why we find that person attractive and this other person unattractive. But that's just it. They are just theories, and they change every decade, if not more often that that.

When I think about the stress I have allowed my eyebrows to feel, the shame I have taught my eyes to see, the judgements I have allowed my ears to hear, I can't help but to feel like redemption is around the corner. IT HAS TO BE!

Would I talk to my little niece the way I talk to myself in my head? I could never. I find the beauty and greatness in her and point it out, I give her guidance when she makes decisions that aren't congruent with who she is. I must do the same with myself. I urge you to find 1-3 things you like about your face. Do the same with your body. Do the same with your character.

It might be time for an attitude change.

Feeling beautiful is important to me. So I enjoy finding things or services that help me feel good now. When looking for any type of beauty treatment, I always get in the practice of asking myself "Why do I want this?". I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to feel your kind of beautiful. Just make sure your influences always tell you you are enough just as you are.

The following business are local to San Diego, but maybe something will speak to you and inspire you to look for a professional in your area.

Beauty Obsession by Iris Flores is my go-to for my Lash Extensions. Being on stage as often as I have been, I got very used to strip lashes and I really like the way extra lashes look on me. Lash extensions just work for me the best. They cut my getting-ready time significantly. I have also noticed I wear less make-up when I have my lash extensions on. If you are in San Diego, you need to go see Iris at Beauty Obsession. She also provides other beauty services that you might enjoy.

Instagram: @beautyObsession_if

Phone: (619)846-9815

E-mail: irisFlwrs8@gmail.com

Bellomar Beauty will teach you hair and make-up techniques that will enhance your natural beauty, allow you to see yourself in a different perspective. Maybe it's the perspective you just might need right now.

The Beauty Secret by Porctia Symone is a beauty and wellness center specializing in the enhancement of facial beauty features like your brows, lips and lashes. Porctia's work is incredible. She does it all. I am taking my mom to her to get eyebrows microbladed. My mom has almost zero eyebrow hair, and I know It will help her feel a little more confidennt. Check out Porctia's Instagram to see her flawless work.

Ways to contact Porctia:

Instagram @browsbyporctiasymone

Phone: (407)437-6055

E-mail: porctiasymone@gmail.com

TAKEAWAY: What are some services you can pamper yourself with that will bring you joy? What is beautiful TO YOU?


When you love someone, don't you want to find out all the things that make that person feel good and do them for them? Don't you want them feeling happy, feeling their best?

You deserve to live your best life, and it can most certainly start with how you treat your body.

Liquid I.V. brings awareness to proper hydration- a thing that is often overlooked. I could talk about Liquid IV for days. The science behind this product amazes me. When you consume this product, you realize how little advantage your body might be taking of the water you are consuming, no matter how GOOD your water is. I highly recommend you visit their site and spend 5 minutes doing some reading. I AM NOT in partnership with them, therefore I do not make any commissions. I am telling you about them because I really love their products and how they have helped me in my day to day activities.

Liquid I.V. has been kind enough to offer a discount code to our readers and followers.

Use discount code 3XT at LiquidIV.com to enjoy 20% Savings!

Meal Prep Kitchen SD can help you by eliminating the anxiety of making good nutritious choices on your own. Meal prepping is something I truly believe in, especially if your life is always on-the-go like mine. Meal prepping, however, can be very time consuming, and most weeks I just don't have that time (can I get an Amen?).

When you meal prep, you are usually making good and conscious decisions on what will go on your plate and into your mouth. When you are forced to make a quick decision because you don't have anything prepped ready to go, you will most likely go for the quickest and most available foods... and those are usually NOT nutritious, they just aren't what your body actually needs.

DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS are my motto.

Use discount code TEAM3XT at checkout at www.MealPrepKitchenSD.com to enjoy savings!

Orgain is one of the best quality protein supplements there is. The creator suffered from cancer and was rapidly losing weight. He was told by the doctor at the hospital to drink as many protein drinks from a "xyz" brand as he could. Being a a doctor himself, he began doing research on what kind of diet he should follow as a cancer patient. One of the books he read in his research talked about foods that a cancer patient MUST NOT HAVE in their diet. He read the label of the protein drink he was drinking and found that most ingredients were on the "do not eat" list. He was feeding his cancer. This inspired him to make his own shakes with his own formulas of how much macro and micronutrients should go into each portion. His doctor told him, "I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is, it's working!"

Today he is cancer free.

Thus the birth of ORGAIN.

Orgain has been kind enough to offer our readers and followers a discount code.

Use discount code REPLENISH at checkout at Orgain.com to enjoy 30% Savings as well as Free Shipping!


-How do you feel about recovery? Rest? Pain-free living?

Take some time off. To our hustlers (aka workaholics) out there, thank you for all your hard work, but a day off (or time off) is not a crime! They don't turn you into a lazy person. They do, however, make you a smarter, more well-balanced human being.

Human being vs. Human doing.

Being a professional dancer and fitness instructor, I put my body through hell and high water. Now, as I'm getting older, I am realizing more and more how important recovery is. I'm ALL work, no rest. Well, that has been changing. Not because I got wiser, but because my body got angrier. So it forced me to get smarter.

I met Simone Buonacorso through teaching at FIT ATHLETIC CLUB. Both being Brazilian, we quickly connected. When I found out she did bodywork, I asked her if she could work on me. She came to my house, and her hands reminded me of that N'Sync song "God must have spent a little more time on you." She's just got that motherly, nurturing, healing touch.

I highly encourage you to get a massage monthly or every 2 months. The benefits are undeniable.

If you are in San Diego, I highly recommend you see Simone.

You can contact her at smbuonacorso@gmail.com

Kyrié Koehn is my absolute favorite yoga teacher here in San Diego. She has a background in dance and has several certifications in not only yoga but massage therapy, personal training, and nutrition. Kyrié is a Longevity Specialist and is currently helping me with chronic back pain and hip injuries. I truly feel she's helping me lengthen my dance career. Her expertise is admirable, and her compassion and respect are unmatched. You never feel pressured by her, only supported. Kyrié has over a decade of bodywork experience. She uses her background in massage therapy, yoga medicine, personal training, and nutrition to customize private yoga sessions that are tailor fitted to each individual. Her mission is to help women heal, grow, and THRIVE! If you are in San Diego and are looking to deepen your yoga practice, address old injuries, looking to strengthen weaknesses in your body, she's your girl!

You can contact her at thrive@namastekyrie.com

You can find Rachel Worley at San Diego Massage and Esthetics. Rachel is an artist. Due to a bad cystic acne period I went through last year, facial treatments for acne scars are a priority for me. She does it all, people! You can see countless pictures of real results all across her website and social media platforms.

Contact San Diego Massage and Esthetics at https://www.rachelworleycmt.com/contact

Denise Johnson at Serenity Face and Body Care has been a dedicated Esthetician for 30 years. She has worked and trained in many exclusive resort hotels and spas. She’s owned her own skin care salon ( Serenity Skin and Body Care) for 20 years in the quaint downtown village of Carlsbad. She offers a variety of services but her love is creating the perfect custom facial for her clients. One of her favorite things about this field is it is ever-changing and she is always excited to learn more. Denise is passionate about her work and it shows through her healing hands.

Denise gives the most delicious facials. She has the BEST products and generously uses them on you. She has helped tremendously with getting rid of my cystic acne. If you suffer from adult acne, number one thing I suggest is to get blood work. Check your hormonal levels, which will indicate if you should check your thyroid, too. Finding a skin professional that will guide you releases the stress a lot and helps you get to clear skin much faster.

You may reach Denise at (760) 805-2616.

I have bought into the lie of being happy tomorrow, only when I accomplish this or that, for way too long. I deserve to be happy now. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY NOW.

I hope you believe that!

Find things that bring you joy and do them daily, or weekly, or monthly. Identify the people in your circle that give you life and joy and make it a point to be around them.

Then, ladies and gentleman, you can be the best version of yourself daily and offer that to the world.

What a beautiful impact to the world!

Did you attend the LOVE YOURSELF event? If so, come back for our Giveaways blog post. Will be posting that soon!

Happy living, everyone!


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