Quick at Home Workout: LEGS, BOOTY & INNER THIGHS

Since the Quarantine started, Alex and I have created several 20 Minute Workouts that will get you moving, sweating and burning... and 20 minutes later, you are done!

We want to help you feel good, feel fit, and feel happy!

We, Team 3XT, are known for being a Dance Fitness Program. And that we are! We are DANCE and we are FITNESS. As professional dancers our time off stage supports (or hinders) what we do on stage.

Are your legs a trouble area for you? Would you like to have leaner, more sculpted legs?

My legs, especially my hips, have always been a trouble area for me. I blame it on genetics, but I knew I could do things to change that.

We have designed 20 Minute Leg workouts that are intense and that target many trouble areas: Booty, Quads, Hamstrings, Inner Thighs, Outer thighs, and calves.

  1. If you struggle with cellulite, muscle sculpting exercises can help diminish the appearance of cellulite!

  2. If you lack strength or shape in your legs, leg exercises can help with that, too.

  3. A lot of leg exercises will target the hamstring and the gluteus, and we all know how every woman wants a nice booty.

There! Three reasons to get you up out of that chair/couch/bed and get you to sculpt those legs with us.

Need more reasons?

Exercising can:

  • increase your metabolism (fat burning)

  • boost your immune system (nobody wants to get sick right now)

  • increase your energy (extroverts need this now more than ever)

  • improve sleep (I think the majority of the world could use better sleep)

  • improve focus (um... sign me up!)

  • make you feel really good and proud! (YES x 10)

Ready to move?

Here are some leg sculpting 20 minute exercises:


We move a lot. Plyometric training, weight training, yoga, dance, sports, all call you to constantly move. And that's amazing! Isometric training can be just as important for you. Isometric comes from the Greek "iso-", equal + "metron", measure = maintaining the same measure, dimension or length. i.e.: holding a position (like a plank, squat) nice and still. During isometric exercises, the muscle doesn't noticeably change length and the affected joint doesn't move. Isometric exercises help maintain strength, addressing muscle imbalances in the body. When doing isometric training for the shoulders, for example, it's important to do exercises to address different angles on the joint in order to strengthen the joint as a whole.

IT is great for people with injuries- enhancing stabilization since muscles often contract isometrically to aid in stabilization.

IT may also be helpful to someone who has arthritis, helping them slowly graduate to other types of training like weight training.

IT may also help lower your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, exercise at a lower intensity.

IMPACT: Low impact


We live in a dimensional world. We move forward, backwards, sideways, up down, we twist, we crouch, we jump. Imagine we lived in a one dimensional world where all you could do is walk forward, in one straight line, forever? Couldn't go backwards, right, left, reach up, grab this, grab that? Thankfully we don't live in a world like that. Therefore, we shouldn't train like that. A lot of exercises (bench press, squats, pull-ups, especially machine exercises) are performed in one plane of motion. Sure you can get strength and "gains" from it, but you might be compromising your body in other ways, like making yourself prone to injury. What if the gains could be even better by training the muscle in more than just one plane of motion? Well, you can and you should! Doing your one-plane exercises, but introducing a layer to them like a twist or an adjustment in body angle, will train your multi-dimensional body in a multi-dimensional way. Strong and stable all around. Do we need to tell you how much better it is your joints, too?

IMPACT: high Impact


This one has balancing exercises, challenging your whole body. It will trigger the stabilizing muscles to fire up. Stabilizing exercises are important for people of any age, especially older adults. It address body imbalances. Stabilizing exercises will improve body's stability, helping with injuries, as well. People who have gained or lost a lot of weight or those who become pregnant, which can throw off your center of gravity, can benefit a lot from balance training. One we fire up those stabilizing muscles, we then ask the larger muscle groups to fire up and power up. Explosive energy, explosive benefits.

There are some core and shoulder exercises in there, too, to give your body a complete experience... all in 20 minutes!

IMPACT: Low-Mid Impact

We hope you enjoy these workouts! We get amazing feedback on them. We always hear how people appreciate that it's intense and QUICK. Right when you start thinking "I'm tired!", it's over!

We don't just have Lower Body 20 Minute Workouts.

We also have workouts that focuses on arms workouts, shoulder workouts, the best Abs exercises, Booty workouts, at home Cardio workouts, and even Yoga Flows.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and turn on notification so you can be notified of when we go LIVE with these new 20 minute workouts and when we post a new workout.

There's something in there for you, and we hope you take advantage of it.

Happy and Healthy at home living!



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