Plank me Later!

4 Minute Plank 3XT Style

Alex here, and I wanted to add of course a little entertainment to your daily workouts. This week for our transformation group we added a core challenge to add to our workouts during the week. I thought it would be fun to get through a 4 minute plank by signing one of my favorite tunes-“SHOUP,”by Salt N’ Peppa. Singing during a plank definitely helps remind you to breath and also helps with distracting you from what you really are doing. I know this may seem like the impossible but trust me, it’s a good stamina workout and singing along to your favorite tune doesn't make it so boring. Planking is one of the best abs exercises you can do because it engages all the right muscles. Your core muscles are a series of muscles in your midsection, and are used in most forms of movement. Your abdominal muscles, back, arms including your biceps, neck, and shoulder muscles are also being put to the test and worked. If you’re doing it right, with our guidance of course you should also be engaged in your glutes, quads and inner thighs. I love the note: if you look like a banana you're doing it wrong.

Choose a song you know all the lyrics to, one you'd pick out for Karaoke Night and Start Planking! Make sure its 4 minutes or as close as possible.

Things to keep in mind while taking a plank position. Maintain a straight line from your heels to the crown of the head.Press your shoulder blades apart, engage your arms and keep your shoulders out of your ears.Engage your core, legs and keep your gaze out in front of you. Don't let your head hang heavy, thats added tension on your neck and weight. Keep your glutes engaged and don’t those hip fall throughout the whole 4 minutes!

Press Play and Start Planking:

  • 1st take traditional forearm plank and hold for 1 min( come down to your knees for a modification maintaining a line from your knees to your shoulders)

  • 2nd without dropping your hips, transition to SIDE PLANK(tight rope the feet or stack them keeping your hips up) Hold for 1 min

  • 3rd transition through elbows swiping to other side for SIDE PLANK again. Hold for 1 min on the other side.

  • 4th take reverse plank without allowing those hips to drop more than a second! Hold for 1 min.

If you need some motivation, check out my video for your viewing pleasure.

If you're still not sure check out all the benefits doing a plank can have for your body.

Planks include each of these muscle groups: transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus, the external oblique muscle, and the glutes. The importance of strengthening each muscle group cannot be underestimated either, for all of these groups serve their own purpose. If you strengthen these muscle groups you will notice:

Transverse abdominis: increased ability to lift heavier weights.

Rectus adbominis: improved sports performance, particularly with jumping. This muscle group is also responsible for giving you the renowned six pack look.

Oblique muscles: improved capacity for stable side-bending and waist-twisting

Glutes: a supported back and a strong, shapely booty.

I love these the most… Your balance will improve, you will boost your metabolism, maintain a better posture, look taller, and overall gain a positive mental mood shift. I know due to Quarantine especially, we have been sitting longer hours. Your muscles have probably gotten tighter which leads to more stress on your muscles and nerves. Planking and movement can ultimately calm your brain,and also treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. 4 minutes out of your day making a fool of yourself singing in a plank isn't so bad!

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