Moving 20 minutes a day with us will be worth your while. Here's why.

Number 1 excuse for not working out is lack of time.

But then we have all heard "You don't have to workout for hours! Just move for 20 minutes everyday and you're fine." That's an easier pill to swallow, no doubt.

But if you're anything like me, you think to yourself, "Yeah, but is 20 minutes really enough?"

For this very reason, Alex and I wanted to create daily 20 minute workouts during this quarantine period and see how much could we get out of them. The results amazed us.

On average, I burn 300 calories during our 20 minutes workouts. 300 calories! My heart rate goes as high as 175BPM, and it stays consistently in the 133-140BPM zone. I don't know about you, but that's in my fat burning zone!

(Don't know what is your fat burning heart rate? You can learn how to calculate it HERE.)

In yesterday's LIVE workout (20 Min @Home LEG WORKOUT) I burned 376 calories!

Is working out only 20 minutes a day enough?

I 100% think so!

It all comes down to two things: your current fitness level and your goal.

If you are obese and hasn't worked out in years, a 20 minute walk is an amazing workout for you. Go get your walk on and be proud!

If you are slightly overweight or just trying to lose some weight, a 20 minute walk is a GREAT supplement workout (note the word "supplement", which means in addition to). Now, if you hold weights on your hands, while walking fast in a hilly terrain, that's a different story!

When choosing your 20 minute workout, choose an activity/workout that you know brings your heart rate up and makes you break a sweat. If you want to level up on your fitness, choose an activity/workout that will not only make you break a sweat but that will also challenge you- your strength, your stamina, your endurance.

Again, "what is your current fitness level?" and "what is your goal?", are two questions you ask yourself when choosing a workout.

We are going LIVE Monday-Friday at 9:30AM PST. The videos are usually saved and available in our YouTube Channel afterwards, so even if you can't make it to our LIVE scheduled workout, you can still access it later. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and turn on notification so you never miss a LIVE workout or a new posted workout.

We hope you can join us one of these mornings and/or take advantage of our posted workouts. We've been getting amazing feedback from participants and we are happy to hear it's been changing people's energies, moods and even bodies!

Happy and Healthy at Home. That's our wish for YOU during this time!

Lots of Love,


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