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Updated: Feb 21

We know a lot of you don't live in California, so you won't be able to attend our LOVE YOURSELF event on Saturday, February 22nd. But in lieu of your attendance, this blog can be a resource for you to stay in the mix!

Healthy mind. Healthy body. Healthy soul. Healthy living.

The concept of LOVING YOURSELF can be quite broad. There are SO many ways to go about loving yourself simply because we all have different needs, at different times. You may need to eliminate negative self-talk. The first step on the journey to loving yourself is developing and keeping a healthy mind. That's a great way to practice loving yourself. You may need to get out of toxic relationships. You may need to break up with social media for a while or you may want to practice transparency and inspire others. You may need to go through a job or career change or you may need to learn to keep your peace and joy through tough situations. You may need to practice meditation, or implement daily prayer into your routine. All great ways to work on achieving a healthy mind and a healthy soul.

There are so many ways to love yourself. But one we believe we all have in common is to love ourselves from the inside out.

What does that mean?

A Heathy Body...

What we eat and drink MATTER.

Wait, Wait!

Before you click on the red X, this is NOT a body shaming, "You've been doing it all wrong, finger-on-your-face kind of writing. This is a "Hey, I've found some cool stuff that has helped me, wanna hear about it?" type of blog.

I am a on-the-go type of woman. I am married, I have 2 dogs, I live in San Diego, I am professional dancer with last minute jobs in Los Angeles who spends 50% of her time commuting on 5 and 405 Freeway, I teach 3XT classes in San Diego, I teach Master Classes and Workshops around the world, and I am an entrepreneur.

I need solutions in my life that help me stay healthy and not lose my mind.

Can you relate?

I found some companies whose mission statement I respect, whose product quality I admire, and who have the science to back up their claims. I am a certified nutritionist under Precision Nutrition and understanding how food interacts with my body increased my self-love and my desire to care for my body as I would my most prized possession. I deserve to Feel Good Now.

Meet these awesome companies whose products have improved my life:


You spend 5 minutes browsing around their website and you will understand why their products are so good. The creator suffered from cancer and was rapidly losing weight. He was told by the doctor at the hospital to drink as many protein drinks from a "xyz" brand as he could. Being a a doctor himself, he began doing research on what kind of diet he should follow as a cancer patient. One of the books he read in his research talked about foods that a cancer patient MUST NOT HAVE in their diet. He read the label of the protein drink he was drinking and found that most ingredients were on the "do not eat" list. He was feeding his cancer. This inspired him to make his own shakes with his own formulas of how much macro and micronutrients should go into each portion. His doctor told him, "I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is, it's working!"

Today he is cancer free.

Thus the birth of ORGAIN.

"Orgain is a line of shakes, bars, and protein powders made with only the highest quality ingredients to deliver the cleanest and most delicious nutrition possible. Most Orgain products are Certified Organic and all are soy free, gluten free, non-GMO and free of anything artificial."

Orgain has been kind enough to offer our followers and readers a discount code to shop at

Use discount code REPLENISH at checkout to save 30%, plus FREE SHIPPING!!

Most popular retailers:

  • Costco*

  • Sams Club

  • Amazon*

  • Whole Foods

  • Sprouts

  • Target

  • Walmart

*Costco and Amazon are their lowest priced retailers, but with their aggressive coupon code REPLENISH, you will enjoy even more savings (30% off plus free shipping) only at


Liquid IV has been my go-to supplement for energy enhancement. I am very aware of how much water I drink, but with the amount of activity (and stress) I have in my life, plus all the acidic foods I ingest (COFFEE!!!), I was easily and often dehydrated. On their website you can ready about how science backs up every product they put out. Hydration is EXTREMELY important for our health. I am not sure if as a society we do a good job emphasizing that fact.

Liquid IV is here to remind us of this truth and gives us solutions that are easy to implement to our day-to-day routine.

Get Hydrated, my friend!

Liquid I.V. has created a code just for our followers and readers!

You can now enjoy a 20% Savings when you shop at and use discount code 3XT at checkout!


Meal prepping is something I truly believe in, especially if your life is always on-the-go like mine. The only problem is that meal prepping can take a LONG TIME (can I get an Amen?), and most weeks I just don't have that time (Hallelujah?).

Why is meal prepping important? Because when you're on the-go and you're hungry, you need to meet your body's needs (eat). You body needs nutritious food in order to thrive and do what you ask from it (not just anything). When you meal prep, you are usually making good and conscious decisions on what will go on your plate and into your mouth. When you are forced to make a quick decision because you don't have anything prepped and ready-to-go, you will most likely go for the quickest and most available foods... and those are usually NOT nutritious, they just aren't what your body actually needs.

DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS are my motto. Meal Prep Kitchen SD can help you a lot with that. The anxiety of making quick (and poor) decisions are a thing of the past.

Healthy mind. Healthy body. Healthy soul. Healthy living.

It all begins with what we allow ourself to ingest. That certainly includes food and information.

I am honored to say that these companies are sponsoring my event on February 22nd at Fit Athletic Club. You can read more about it HERE.

Happy living my friends! You deserve it!


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