LOVE YOURSELF - Dress to Impress (You)

We have had a series of writings on LOVING YOURSELF. Serving as a countdown to our LOVE YOURSELF EVENT this Saturday, we hope you found some good value in the our daily blogs this week. We covered WHY we are doing this event, WHAT are some ways you can optimize your health since Your Body is a Temple, and the idea that WE CAN Feel Good Now by inviting things that make us happy into our daily schedule.

Today I’m going to piggy back ride on what I wrote about yesterday: FEELING GOOD NOW.

What to wear...

... is a question most of us ask ourselves daily.

I created a company called Wear Success where the concept was to recognize the current successes in your life and continue to make successful choices, including the clothes you wear. I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of having a busy, go-getter, chaser type of mentality. Therefore, success is always in the future for me. But is that true? What about the small successes? Don't they matter? You can’t open a LEGO box, spread all the pieces on the floor, clap, and expect the thing to be built. Every time you attach one piece to its correct successor,... that’s a successful moment. One piece being attached to another is how you build what you're trying to build. Small or great, successes are successes. So I wanted to remind myself of that, that I have success in my life and I should remember to wear it daily.

That’s the meaning behind WS!

With keeping that in mind, we live in a society where we are encouraged to look good. I don’t think there‘s anything wrong with it, as long as we remember that "what looks good” looks different for everyone!

Clothes, to me, are masterpieces. Someone sat down and took the time to design the exact thing you are wearing right now. They drew it, they found the perfect fabric for it, they had the patterns made, they had the pieces sewn together, they looked at it, they approved it, they packaged it, and they offered it to you, and you own it and wear it. It tells a story about you, your taste, your preferences. What a beautiful exchange of creativity! I think it’s very fun and liberating to express yourself, and I think our style is a very fun way to express who we believe we are. I attach this piece to that piece and create a look that tells the world who I am and what I do.

As I mentioned earlier, one thing we all (most likely) have in common is that we make the decision of what to wear daily. What to wear for work. What to wear for a wedding. What to wear on a date. What to wear to workout. There are so many great companies out there who gives us plenty to choose from, allowing us to constantly explore our style, which, in essence, is our message to the world about who we are.

For our LOVE YOURSELF event we have two clothing sponsors:

One is Wear Success.

Shocker, I know.

I am excited to share some of my pieces with you this Saturday, if you're in San Diego (if you're not, scroll down for an exclusive 3XT discount code). All brands that I carry are managed and owned by women. The quality is amazing. Everything you see on is personally approved by me. If it's on there, it's because I have tried it, washed, wore it again, washed it again... if I liked it, then I ordered a stock and offered it to my followers. So it's really great stuff. I wanted to find pieces that feel really good against your skin. We all know that feeling.

And I wanted to find pieces that were flattering and that immediately give you that confidence boost. Some of the pieces are really fun. Patterns, colors, funny sayings, there's something for you, no doubt!

3XT readers can enjoy a 33% discount by using 3XT33 at checkout on

The other clothing sponsor is ALL4U Apparel.

ALL4U's creator, Chris Estrella, has a really cool, beautiful story of why he created ALL4U. Check it out:

"Over the last ten years I have concentrated on bringing dance to the world.

Teaching hip hop classes to all ages. Fast forward I had a car crash and was life lifted to a hospital. My perspective in life changed and wanted to live a more meanigful life and leaving something behind for family and friends.

'ALL4U' started as the name of my annual dance production that raises awareness for a charity organization for homeless teenagers. These productions are my way of bringing beauty and joy to this troubled world. Encouraging people to take part either as dancers or spectators is my way of creating community and contributing to richer and fulfilled lives. When choosing a name for my line of clothes, “ALL4U” kept coming back to me because of its meaning. When people see the 'ALL4U' on a hat or a t-shirt, I am hoping that it will remind them of the importance of supporting one another, and to be kind and selfless. When people wear All4U brand they immediately become part of a movement that spreads positivity.

ALL4U brand is about acts of kindness, reaching out, being there for others, and spreading happiness. Letting family and friends know that you are there for them. Without positive intention the world cannot survive."

Beautiful, right? That's why we are excited to have ALL4U as one of our LOVE YOURSELF event sponsors.

What is your style communicating to the world about you, and is it congruent with who you are?


Don't wait until THIS or THAT. I have wanted so many years saying to myself "When I weigh this, then I'll go shopping and care about my style."


There's nothing wrong with goals. Remember, in my last blog, FEEL GOOD NOW , I talked about how my motto is "to feel good now as I'm on my way to feeling my best." Nothing wrong with the future and dreaming big (I encourage it, actually). But there's equally nothing wrong with enjoying today. After all, not to throw a morbid tone here, but tomorrow is NOT guaranteed to anyone. TODAY... that's what you've got. Thank yourself for what you have done and what you are about to do for you to feel your best.

There are some great fashion advice out there on how to dress to your body type. Drop a comment below if you'd like me to cover those on here, as well. I did a lot of research on that when I created Wear Success. I wanted to help women FEEL GOOD NOW, and one of the ways I helped myself achieve that is learning how to dress to MY body type (not to the body type of the girl in the magazine or trending on Instagram). You can do the same... RIGHT... NOW!

Remember: 100 days of feeling good now means you will feel good then, too!

Happy dressing and Happy living!


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