Are you intimidated by dance or dancers? Scared to join a dance class? This is for you...

We have talked about the Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of dance. As undeniable as they are, you may be someone who would really like to try a dance class, but feel extremely intimidated. You are not alone!

Dance, like anything else in this fast-paced world, has evolved drastically. It has gotten more and more attention, which means it’s now seen...

Though that sounds really exciting, I am afraid that this has shifted us into this mindset that “If I don’t look like THAT professional dancer, then I should not be dancing!” I don’t know where we went wrong, but I don’t think dance was never meant to be judged, but instead understood. It’s not an activity meant to be “graded”, but experienced.

Dance is an art form where you get to “talk” with your body. If I asked you to tell me something about yourself, would you be able to do so? Unless you have suffered from something drastic like Amnesia, I think you could handle the task, right?

If you tell me your story, could I judge it as right or wrong?

If I tell you “My name is Ferly, I was born in Brazil, and I moved to the US at 12 to study dance”, could you respond to that with a “YOU ARE WRONG! THAT’S SO WRONG!”

What you mean it’s WRONG? It’s MY story! Do you know how tell my story better than I do?

This is how I look at dance…

Dance steps, to me, are equivalents to words. The more dance steps I learn, the more words I learn. The more “words” I learn, the better I can communicate.

The energy I put behind the dance steps would be equivalent to the emotion I put behind my words. Where I am directing my dance steps is equivalent to who I am talking to. My husband knows how to say the words “I Love You” to me, and he also knows how to tell me he loves me from across the room with one simple wink. I understand him.

Dance to me is a form of expression, of communicating. Just like I can slur my words, pronounce them incorrectly, making the communication unclear, I can do the same with my dance steps. If they are unclear, you may not understand the visual message. But does not mean I am wrong, that I have nothing to say. Dance is sooo much more than mere movement (words). If dance was just movement, then a bicep curl on its own would be considered dancing.

Dance is the universal language that every single country understands. Dance is energy. Dance is story telling. Dance represents the subject. The subject is what the subject is, and nothing can change that.

With dance, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell the world about you without saying anything at all. It’s a powerful way of communication.

Am I suggesting there’s no technique to dance or that technique/execution does not matter? No, I’m not saying that at all. There are different styles of dance with different techniques, different ways to execute movement, different ways to express. What I AM SAYING is that dance is so much more than what you see in a video while scrolling through your Instagram.

Just like you should not be minimized into a single opinion, neither should dance.


Dance should never be ego driven, in my opinion...

Dance should be connection driven!

When you connect with someone, truly connect, is there room for ego?

I can say I have been dancing fo 31 years of my life. My first approach to it was technical, which I appreciate very much. I have a huge vocabulary in my back pocket, thanks to the support of my parents and to my dance teachers’ exceptional teaching. I know a lot dance styles and have performed them all. As I have gotten older and have dissected dance more and more, I have realized one hand washes the other: the technique/the movement (just like my words) matter; but what are words without a message?

Take away: Go take a dance class! You can do it from home, or you can join a group class. But get out of your “comfort zone”. If you let dance do its magic in your life, if you get out of your own way, soon you will realize your comfort zone has been a limiting place. It will no longer feel comfortable. Those walls will feel too close to one another.

Alex and I created this video with tips on how to have a great dance class. I hope something in here speaks to you!

Dance has so many benefits (Physical, Mental, Emotional) and it is not limited to adults. Next we are covering the benefits of dance for kids. Check it out!

Happy living, happy dancing.


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