Stay ready! Catch Alex performing with Lady Gaga at the 2017 American Music Awards!

Last Thursday night, I got an email from my agent saying "Lady Gaga is performing live from her Joanne World Tour in D.C for the AMA's and Richy's team( Lady Gaga's Choreographer) wanted to see if you'd be available." I immediately tried to contain my excitement being offered the opportunity and took a second to look up flights, make some quick adjustments with Ferly for team3xt and decided I could make this happen! I was on a flight the next day at noon to arrive in D.C with one day of rehearsal with her and perform live Sunday! WHaaatt!?

It happened so fast but was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. We opened Gaga's tour live via satellite of the 2017 AMA performance of "The Cure," and her dedicated loving fans cheered non stop as we took our position on stage. From the choreography to the costumes to the pyro, performing with such an amazing hard working team as well as friends was definitely a highlight. There's nothing like the high you get with thousands of people on their feet watching and smiling at you having the time of their lives singing and dancing along.

The icing of the cake was when Gaga was awarded the AMA for favorite artist later in the show. Mid way through watching her with her regularly scheduled tour show the big screens cut to the AMA's announcement presenting her with the award. Everyone was silent and as they called her name the crowd went wild. Gaga was in tears and being there to witness her so happy was priceless. It was such an inspiration. She always pushed the envelope, went above what was expected of her and never stayed complacent. She's beyond gifted with her talent that is clear, but her hard work definitely paid off.

CHECK out the performance, I still get chills watching.

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