Cute 4th of July NAIL Design Ideas xoxo

Glitter Lines

By: DizzyNails

Separate red and blue glitter with a strategically-placed piece of tape — just wait for your white base coat to dry (seriously, wait) before applying the tape and sparkles.

White: Illamasqua Scorch

Red Glitter: L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Animate

Blue Glitter: L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Jostle

  1. Start with three coats of Illamasqua Scorch.

  2. Let it dry pretty well, for several hours.

  3. Use scotch tape to mark off on one nail everything except for the part you want to be red. Paint it red, careful not to get polish on your skin, and encourage the glitter pieces to spread out as evenly as possible.

  4. After that, pull the piece of tape off, rather swiftly.

  5. Finish all the red parts, going one nail at a time and being careful not to smudge the red glittered areas after. You should not have any problems if you let the white base polish completely dry (step 1 and 2).

  6. Allow red glitter to dry completely. Be patient with the process as you don't want the tape you are about to apply in the next step to ruin your work thus far.

  7. Put a piece of tape down past the line of the red (to create a white stripe), and paint the blue glitter on, one nail at a time. Rip the tape off, continue until done.

  8. Follow with top coat and it's finished!

All Striped Out


  1. Paint on your base (moon) color and finish with a think layer of quick drying top coat. Wait for it to dry completely before moving on to step 2.

  2. Apply a hole reinforcer at your cuticle to mark off the half moon. Pro tip: Cut them in half to get double for your money!

  3. Paint over the rest of your nail with your second color and remove the sticker immediately.

  4. Add another thin layer of top coat. Wait again for everything to dry.

  5. Apply another hole reinforcer and, this time, apply some tape in a pinstripe pattern. I used Whats Up Nails Skinny Straight Tape but you could also use Striping Tape.

  6. Paint over everything with your third color. Carefully remove all the stencils and finish with one final top coat.

Oh So Blue

By: PaintBoxNails

Want to skip the red but keep the blue and white? Pick a chic angular design that elongates your nails, like this pointy half moon manicure.


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