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brave challenge by 3XT

October 11th thru December 5th

TEAM 3XT & GUESTS want to challenge you to awaken your spirit!

Do you feel like the months are slipping through your fingers? This Bravery Challenge is designed to inspire you to develop and refine your skills for the next two months, helping you feel intentional about living your life.

Every MONDAY you will receive an email with the support for the week. Each article includes:

  • FOCUS of the week
  • inspiration from people who are walking the walk
  • manageable & clear action steps
  • information on the week’s guest speaker and access to the LIVE we do with them

All to help you ignite the bravery inside of you that is waiting for you! 


This challenge is for YOU if you are in need of a shake up in your life. Our mission at Team 3XT is to awaken you to Train, Transform, and Triumph… and we know that does not always involve doing a dance step or a bicep curl. Making time to sharpen your Mindset Matters, too! 

What barriers are obstructing you from that thing you want? Most of the time, the only thing that stands between you and what you want are your doubts and fears. Being brave doesn’t mean that your challenges magically disappear– it means that YOU dissolve your excuses and face the challenges head on instead.


We want to support you.

We want to cheer you on.

We want to be your Team!

coming soon!

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