“asto which this workout was choreographed and hence getLearn how to do the samba the Brazilian way! Learning the samba with this Brazilian Dance Workout makes cardio fun. This is an inviting and engaging 20 minute home workout where you will learn the signature samba step as well as other traditional samba steps.  Burn some calories, get lost in the Brazilian music playlist, and enjoy every single minute of it. 


Ferly will walk you thru a warm up, followed by the breaking down of the classic Samba step. It’s a video, so you can rewind it as many time as you need to and practice the samba step as many times as you want. Then Ferly walks you thru a short choreographed routine to keep you moving to the beast of Brazilian music and learning more traditional steps that you can take with you to the next night out with your friends!You will finish this 20 minute with a beautiful dewy glow! Are you ready to Samba Sweat?


Duration: 20 minutes

Instructor: Ferly Prado



Ferly Prado hails from São Paulo, Brazil, and she’s sharing with you her absolute favorite dance style: the SAMBA! Ferly has danced for artists like Tina Turner, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Chayanne, Charo, and more. She had the privilege of meeting Leo Santana who sings CONTATINHOContatinho held the highest charting position of the entry as #1 . Contatinho atop the Top 40 Songs Chart for 3 total weeks. The song appeared 17 total times in the Top 10 ; 11 total times in the Top 20 ; 16 total times in the Top 40 ; The worst ranking place of the video is #492“Contatinho” has been charted in 3 trends (countries):

It is the song to which this workout was choreographed, and it is the final song in this video.  Leo Santana is a fantastic representation of Brazilian optimism, joy, and evolving culture, not to mention a fantastic representation of a gorgeous Brazilian man, am I right, ladies?! LOL


Move and Live with Purpose.

Happy Dancing!