You know we love a sweaty workout!

We love challenging ourselves with resistance training, weight training, HIIT, circuit training, dance cardio, and the list goes on. But once in a while my body craves for a juicy, low-impact, slow moving workout session. A chance to slow down and really connect with my body and feel longer than life. The burn is different and very real!

It’s just nice to challenge myself in a different way, allow my body to slow down and really feel every second of my workout.

Which is why we created these Barre Inspired Workouts. I highly encourage you give them a try. Here are the benefits ballet inspired workouts have to offer:

  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens gluteus
  • Tones stomach muscles
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduces stress


  1. You target multiple muscle groups at once while performing isometric holds that challenge the muscles without straining the tendons or ligaments.
  2. You will improve your mind-to-muscle connection and notice every single twitch and shake.
  3. Barre/Ballet inspired workouts are great for noticing imbalances in your body.

It’s always good to change it up. Your body benefits from different types of exercises and programs.

So the challenge of the day is TO SLOW DOWN and BARRE UP!

You ready?

Floor exercises that challenge you to actively lengthen your muscles, encouraging full flexion and extension of the joins without the pressure of gravity. Create a lot of space in each joint, challenge your core and inner thighs, and work toward symmetry and balance within your body. Sculpt that dancer’s body.

Barre exercises with and without the assist of a barre (or anything that serves as a support). The focus is to understand how to use the floor in any and all workouts, connect to your midline and strengthen your body from the inside out. All exercises focus on length, creating a lot of space in each joint. Sculpt that dancer’s body.

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