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TOPIC: Demonstrating Courage

Guest Speaker: jenn Lacy


Courage is the invisible force of allegiance to a higher standard of being. 

Being is both rational and emotional. Humans beings are in constant cycles of thinking, feeling, and  behaving. We are all composed of complexities that make our own navigation of these life cycles very unique. However, as unique as we all may be— there are some remedies that can be prescribed over the counter to ANY person that wants to anchor to a grounded sense of accountability, responsibility, integrity and follow through. 

The nebulous land of “maybe” is cloudy and elusive. Courage is never going to be one size fits all, but TAKING STEPS towards a more courageous state of being is MEASURABLE. How might you take inventory? What metrics do YOU need to measure the courage required to BRIDGE THE GAP between where you are, and where you would like to be? Remember you can’t monitor what you can’t measure. The process of this revealing requires honesty, humility and self acceptance.



woman with long dark hair , wearing a maroon fitness outfit in front of a blue wall.

A brave life is not somewhere that we arrive. A brave life is a lens through which we see, approach, and create the world. When we stop trying, we stop growing.  So if you find yourself frozen and immobile, you must suspend the current operations and zoom out. This brings us to a place of second guessing what you believe to be true. When you can do this, you momentarily expand your lens to consider a wider viewpoint. We pause to reconsider our own rules. If you don’t stop to SEE any other choices, how could you ever expect to make them? 

What we don’t see, we don’t change. What we don’t change, we accept. This field of acceptance is where dreams go to die. 

In the pursuit of courage, we must help to ensure to our physiology that we are safe to proceed. We have to establish self dialogue in a loving way so that we can override perceived danger. Concentrate on LOVING THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE LOVED. Practice first on the interior, so it can spread outward to the exterior. Depending on the social programming you have received, you may need to harness a more loving internal exchange which will fuel the holy fire within you and ultimately ignite your undimmable light in the world.



Love Letter

Write yourself a love letter in the present tense. Thank yourself for your efforts as if it is happening right now. Sense into what it’s like to feel into the gratitude you would have if this courageous scenario were already here.

Dear _______

I wanted to thank you so much for the way you have been ______. I am so happy we are finally pursuing _____. I am so excited about us finally embracing _____ with courage and love…”

Check out our talk with Jenn Lacy

woman with long dark hair, in an orange fitness outfit, in front of a white wall with one arm up and the other out to the left. She is looking towards her left hand.


Jenn Lacy 

Jenn opened her first barre fitness studio in 2012 with her best friend of many years, Kelsey. Together they created a community space where people could come together in a safe and welcoming home away from home. After dancing for most of her life she wanted a workout that challenged her body and her mind which is what originally drew her to barre. After 8 years of owning and 10 years of teaching, Jenn and Kelsey craved something new that was completely their own. The pandemic was the big kick in the butt to create Chrysalis Fitness + Wellness. Jenn and Kelsey created Chrysalis to give people what they needed, when they needed it. Everyday isn’t the same so your workout shouldn’t be either. With 4 pillars of classes, including Strength, Sculpt, Sweat, and Stretch clients can get their resistance training, cardio, toning, and restoration all in one studio.

Written by: Ellye O’Brien


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