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Where did our curiosity go? 

The other day I got a brain freeze. I didn’t pay it no mind and just went about my day because I knew it was not harmful in any way and would be over in a second. It never occurred to me until now how I instantly call out having one but have no idea what It actually means.

Have you ever stopped to ask or discover what a Brain freeze really is? 

I typed in good ol’ google search…”What is a brain freeze really?” A brain freeze is what happens when cold food touches a bundle of nerves in the back of the palate,” said Stephanie Vertrees, assistant professor at the Texas A&M University in the US. The trigeminal nerve is triggered which sends sensory information from your face and around your head to your brain. Your body reacts by sending more blood to the warm the affected area which causes the blood vessels to swell. That’s why they say pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth to warm the affected area helps the pain go away. 



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We know it’s something that can happen from time to time but yet we still have these moments. Getting a brain freeze would remind me to slow down which is what your brain is really telling you to do. I discovered how to be more aware of what I was taking in and how it affects my body.  Something as little as getting a brain freeze led me to acknowledging there is a lesson in everything.

These days I wish I could remain in school forever. I remember the days when I used to dread waking up early and going from class to class writing 12 page essays and reading. Now, all I want to do is remain a student.  Thank god school isn’t the only place we can learn from.

I love this quote by Socrates… 

“Smart People learn from everything and everyone.

Average People from their experiences, 

Stupid people already have all the answers.” 

Did you ever notice the smartest person in your class was the one asking the most questions?  

Smart people learn from everything and everyone by continuing to be a student. When you are unwilling to learn or listen to the advice of others you limit yourself from only learning from yours and others experiences. It’s doing yourself a disservice. You shouldn’t be picky when it comes to educating yourself because discovering new things can come from many different sources. 

You never know who you can learn from. We often go to the person on top, the person who “made it” and think they have everything there is to offer. Those people rarely have the time of day and oftentimes have a high ticket price to have access to how they got there. The best advice I’ve gotten has been from people I never would’ve expected. Advice can come from your next door neighbor, your friends and even strangers you meet in passing. So many claim they are life learners but then put themselves on a pedestal and even talk down to people that have different titles than them. Everyone has something to offer and we should be open to learning from ANYONE. 



Take a moment to reflect.

How do you remain a student in your daily life?

These are just a few ways I am taking action and encourage you to evaluate and apply if they resonate with you.  If none of these do, what needs to change in order for you to show a greater pursuit of knowledge? If you want to share your tricks we are all ears!  

Here are some ways I am remaining a student.

  • I am reading a chapter a day to grow myself and discover new things. 
  • I listen to podcasts and workshops to develop my capacity to grow my business and others.
  • I am getting out in social settings more to network and open up new connections 
  • I am studying other entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences 
  • I am asking more questions. 
  • I am actively listening and being fully present in conversations. 
  • I am constantly jumping on seminars and participating in events that align with what I am trying to grow in. 
  • I am keeping an open mind and attitude daily to attract emerging opportunities.


Watch our Live Talk with Christina Grady

Watch our live to hear our guest speaker Christina Grady talk about this subject and how she continues to be a student in the pursuit of her career.

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Christina is a dear friend of Alex and they have toured and shared many stages together. She has worked with the biggest names in music, television, and film and has truly made her dreams come true. With all of this experience, she is passionate about passing on what she has learned to the next generation of dancers. She Founded “What it Takes” an in studio industry intensive that will give you the know-how to have a successful career in the professional dance industry! We are so lucky to have this diva share with her her journey of bravery and persistence!

Written by: Alex Kaye


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