Booty Exercises using a Stability Ball will make your workout more challenging and exciting. Grab your resistance bands and let’s get it in!


Duration: 15 minutes

Trainer: Alex Kaye


We partnered with GoFit to bring you this Sweet FifTEAM series, where you get workouts that get you feeling good and sweaty in just 15 minutes. Worth your while, every second!

Equipment we use in this video:  GoFit’s Stability Ball.

We highly recommend GoFit’s Stability Ball. They are durable and trustworthy. They offer different sizes to suit your needs. (We only promote products we truly like and stand behind it).

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Training the gluteus have many benefits aside from esthetics. Many people with chronic back pain experience a significant pain relief when they implement gluteus focused workouts into their regimen. The reason behind it is that a lot of people’s back pain may come from a weak core, specifically gluteus. Improve the way your body feels and looks with muscle-group focused workouts like this one!

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