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For those of you who got The Total Xperience, we told you that we would do it with you, and we are extremely excited to do so!

So far 2020 has invited us to:

  • come together as humans
  • actually care for one another’s well-being
  • lift one another up

When you are healthy, focused, and strong you can be that vessel you need to be for world. We want to support you feel your best so you can be your best.

The Total Xperience is an invitation for daily commitment (workouts 4-5 days a week, daily nutritional practice). We are starting THIS week with you (June 8th, 2020 is Day 1). Every Friday for the next 6 weeks we will go LIVE with a special TotalX workout. Two opportunities to join: 10am and 5:30pm. We will send out ZOOM links for those meetings. If you cannot join LIVE any of those times, not to worry! We will record the session and post on The Total X page.

The TOTAL X gives you 7 original and exclusive workouts, plus 7 nutritional e-books, support from us, and now these exclusive Friday LIVES.
If you don’t feel ready for something like this, completely understandable. Take however much time you need. This is just an invitation for those of you who are ready.

If you are interested in starting the TOTAL X with us and you haven’t purchased the program yet, click on the picture below to claim yours (and save 30%!):

I will be posting on our social media to check in with you guys. You guys are my accountability partner!



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