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The Best Eating Advice

ferly prado

Written by Ferly Prado

August 13, 2021

“The Best Eating Advice” is a promise we read all the time. It’s everywhere! Is it REALLY the best advice? Just on Instagram alone, if I am not careful, I go down the rabbit hole of getting advice through Reels. In theory they are great! I do believe some people come from a genuine place of wanting to help.

ferly prado

But when there’s so much advice, where do you start? Which one do you follow first? It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

So I am making this blog short and giving you ONE advice. The advice I have decided is THE BEST EATING ADVICE I have gotten in the realm of nutrition.

I am not talking about eating whole foods, because I think that, to me, is 1 of 3 Best Practices.

I am not talking about stay away from processed sugar, because I also think that should be common sense.

I am talking about one that you rarely hear, but in my opinion should be on everyone’s IG reels, especially if they are in the wellness industry.

The Best Eating Advice: WINE TASTE YOUR FOOD

what gif david schitts creek


When is the last time you truly, fully, consciously tasted every single bite of your food?

The concept of wine tasting your food has a few benefits:


The Best Eating Advice

(Benefit #1) It increases satiety! After you wine taste your meals you feel fuller, more satisfied for a longer period of time. The process of digestion can begin by looking at food, even thinking of food. When you truly use all your senses to enjoy the experience of eating, happy signals light up in your brain, and you (benefit #2) slow down our eating. Slowing down when eating is beneficial because you allow time for food to travel from your mouth to your stomach. When you eat fast, you do not allow your stomach time to send signals to your brain of whether or not it is near feeling full. Eating fast makes it much easier (and much more likely) for you to overeat. Most people think of overeating only related to unhealthy foods. But you can absolutely overeat healthy foods. Overeating is eating more than you need- no matter what kind of food it is. 

Wine tasting your food also (benefit #3) helps you be a conscious eater. Mindful eating, mindful chewing, are great practices to adopt because it encourages you to thoughtfully choose your next bite. Especially when you are aware of your ideal portion sizes (read “3 Simple Principles to Eating Well”), you mindfully make decisions if the next bite is necessary. And last but not least, (benefit #4) it increases satisfaction. Eating should be an experience we enjoy doing. It should be pleasurable. Food is not just fuel. You are not a machine. You should enjoy what you’re looking at, what you’re smelling, and what you’re tasting. It should be a happy experience!

The Best Eating Advice

Final Thoughts:

I hope this makes a lot of sense for you. It certainly did for me when I was first given the advice, and it has stayed with me since.

I encourage you to wine taste your next meal. And then the meal after that. And then the next. Get in the practice of slowing down and mindfully experiencing your meal. You will be so glad you did.

Happy Living,


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