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Know Failure but Press Forward with Shae: inside the BRAVE Challenge

Ellye O'Brien with Team 3XT

Written by: Ellye O'Brien

October 22, 2021

Recap with Shae holds much goodness! Shae was our 2nd guest speaker in our BRAVE Challenge. Check out our chat with her down below.

Shae is an Australian director, writer, and presenter, most well known for her work driving the female comedy trio ‘SketchShe’. Their viral sensations such has ‘Mime Through Time saw Shae being a guest on shows such as Ellen and Good Morning America, and her work has been featured across Mashable, BuzzFeed, Time Magazine, CBS News, CNN, Forbes and The Hungton Post.

With a background as a professional producer in Australia, she has also worked on numerous commercials, music videos, television shows and blockbuster movies like Gods of Egypt. Shae’s recent campaign for Bayer/Canesten, which she created and directed has won several awards globally, including Festival of Media Asia and Media Global in Rome.”

Woman doing a photoshoot
ferly prado

10 keys to unlock your creative flow with Shae Raven

Shae is not afraid to take a vision and turn it into reality. Here are ten principles/practices she utilizes to maintain a no nonsense approach to being a creative and whole hearted entrepreneur. 

  • Seasonal cycles impact our creative seasons 
  • Retreating and recharging is a generative practice, not a waste 
  • Do not apologize for your needs 
  • Syncing with natures rhythm to connect to your voice
  • Empower yourself to move from a centered place 
  • Listening to cues to build trust with yourself and articulate your expression
  • Teamwork and sharing a vision 
  • Eliminating taboos and stigmas in order to own your message 
  • Claiming your gifts and serving them with no apologies
  • Building community resources & creating for inclusivity 

Shae Raven quotables BRAVE CHALLENGE 

“ It doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to feel right.” 

“Stay in your lane of joy, fun and expression.”

Be a visionary: Bringing something forth that has never done before (in your way). 

We leave you with these questions:

  • What is your favorite thing about your own presence?
    How does this quality have a domino effect on the planet?
  • How can you move more intentionally from this part of yourself?
  • Which one of the above tools could you embrace to sharpen your voice and purpose?

Check out Shae’s “Bare All Challenge”:

Check out Last week’s chat with Lisa Fischer. Some tears were shed, in the most wonderful way, as we talked about VULNERABILITY.


Wishing you a braver day
With love,




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