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Looking for an upper body workout that you can do at home? Look no more.

Whether you are Quarantined at home looking for quarantine ideas, or you shave no time but know you need exercise, this workout is for you!

For the past 8 weeks we have been creating 20 minute workouts to meet people’s needs from home. We wanted to keep them short and intense so time wouldn’t be an excuse to not get your workout in and they would be worth your while, supporting your fitness goals. We cover all body parts (check out our ,BOOTY CAMP WORKOUT).

This is a total upper body workout: triggers your arms, back, and chest. Good for all levels of fitness. Modifications are offered, but if anything feels like too much, you can always take a break and rejoin in the next exercise.


What kind of workout is this?

  • Bodyweight arm workout
  • At home bicep workout
  • At home back workout
  • At home shoulder workout
  • At home chest workout
  • Should we keep going?

You are going to love this workout. It hits everything you need it to hit.

At home workout equipment you need for this workout is a yoga mat and a long towel. I would suggest you not use a bath towel or face towel, since we will be pretty much cleaning the floor with the towel. I used my antibacterial cooling neck towel.

Without further due, pull that hair back, grab that towel, and press play.

We are in it, now!



At home ARMS+ABS Towel Workout- 20 minutes

50 seconds on, 10 second rest for all exercises


  • Side stretch with shoulder press (3 2 1 descent, shoulder press, snap up)
  • Other side
  • Flat back: straight arms lifts
  • Balanced Bicep curls with leg as weight
  • Other side
  • Tricep: pull up and pull down
  • Other side

Elapsed time: 8 minutes

On the floor:

  • Sliding push up (one side)
  • Other side
  • Superman with arms extended to the side

Elapsed: 11 minutes

4 minutes non-stop abs:

  • Holding towel with Arms extended to the sky: sit, roll back, sit up, hamstring stretch
  • C-shape: towel over the feet, extend legs out, reverse movement
  • BOAT POSE: Wrap towel around wrists: bicep shoulder press
  • BOAT POSE: Russian twists

Elapsed time: 15 minutes

Plank series (with towel under feet):

  • Mountain climbers
  • Low-plank Pikes
  • Walk forward and back
  • High plank, twisted pikes

Elapsed time: 19 minutes

Towel under booty: travel forward and backwards


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Happy and Healthy Living.. that’s what you deserve,



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