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Use code 3XT15 to Save 15%!

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Do any of these catch your attention?

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Sleep Regulation
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • PTSD Treatment
  • Appetite Regulation
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Arthritis Discomfort Relief
  • Epileptic Seizure Reduction
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease Symptom Management
  • Heart Health
  • Stroke Recover
  • Multiple Sclerosis Pain Relief
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes and Obesity

There are 15 of the many benefits you can experience from using CBD.CBD has many healing properties. If you are currently a user you already know that. And if you’ve been on the fence about trying out CBD, my recommendation is that you do!


I was told by one of our students in Los Angeles about Pure Hermosa because I was having a lot of facial cystic acne. I was open about it on Social Media, and because of that I think she felt comfortable suggesting a potential solution for me.

And I’m so glad she did… Thank you, Anna!

SLEEP:I started using CBD OIL and the MELATONIN SPRAY before bed, and it’s been a life changer for me AND FOR MY HUSBAND. As a matter of fact, this past week we ran out of the CBD oil, and he did not have a restful night ALL week. Yesterday my new order of CBD arrived… the man slept like a rock!

SKIN:I have shared a blog about my new skin regimen and how Pure Hermosa products have changed the health and look of my skin. When I run out of it and I don’t use it daily, I CAN TOTALLY TELL THE DIFFERENCE! It’s unbelievable!

PAIN MANAGEMENT:I am very active so I am used to living with pain. What using CBD oil orally has done for me and the inflammation in my body makes me want to cry. I can get up from bed and walk in a vertical position right away… when before it would take me about 2 minutes or so to be able to straighten up due to so much pain… my back would just feel locked. I have also noticed my chronic hip injury, the weakness and swelling on my sprained ankle, and chronic QL pain have all SUBSIDED!

(I use the 1,000mg. I started with the 500mg.)

More and more I am a believer of this brand and its products’ quality. I know that not everything that works for me may work for you. But because these products have not only done me a lot of good but have also helped my husband tremendously, I am sharing it with you in the hopes that it might do the same for you or a loved one.

The CEO of the company was kind enough to offer us a 15% Discount. Their prices are already more than fair, and I am just so grateful she has offered our community this discount code. (I love that Pure Hermosa is owned and managed by women! Go, ladies!)

Discount code 3XT15
Use it a checkout

Use code 3XT15 to Save 15%!

I hope you give this a try and that it impacts your life as it did mine and my husband’s.

Use code 3XT15 to Save 15%!

Happy Living and Sleeping!


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