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I think it’s safe to say WE ALL KNOW WHAT A BRIDGE POSE is, either by name or by looking at it. We’ve seen it and we probably have done it one hundred thousand times.

What if I told you it is possible you’ve been “bridging” wrong?

When it comes to conditioning and sculpting the gluteus, I see a lot of people teaching or training wrong. I know it because I was one of them not too long ago.

With the help of San Diego personal trainer, Jessica Scherr, we are currently building a program called Ms. New Booty, and it’s all about strengthening, shaping, and growing your booty (COMING SOON). Jessica and I had great talks about what it takes to effectively sculpt the Gluteus muscles, and the bridge pose (and therefore, the hip thrusts) was a hot topic. You may be bridging or hip thrusting like nobody’s business at the gym, but you may not be seeing the changes you want.

Because so many people are not taking full advantage of what this pose/exercise can do for their backside, I felt like I needed to make this video explaining HOW TO perform a bridge that works (SLASH overwhelms) the gluteus muscles.

I wish I had learned about this a LONG TIME AGO.

And because this exercise is so good and so essential to building and sculpting the gluteus, a how-to-video quickly turned into a how-to-and-workout-video.

So whether you are looking to get informed and fix your form OR looking for a workout to do today,



Leave me a comment and let me now if you learned anything new and how this worked for you.



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