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Healthier Faster and Simpler

ferly prado

Written by Ferly Prado

August 14, 2021

Healthier Faster and Simpler don’t fit in the same thought for most of us. Eating healthy can sound more like a chore that requires hours in the kitchen, sweating over recipes, and consuming all your hard work in what it seems like 5 minutes. Nothing Fast or Simple about that!  ‘Eating Healthier’ may also sound like a miserable concept since that usually means giving up the pleasurable things of life!

What if I told you eating healthy can be faster than you think, freeing you of hours of food prepping? And that healthy eating is simpler than deciding how long to heat your frozen dinner for in the microwave?

Simpler Delicious meals
Healthier meal

Disclaimer: If you know anything about us, we are not advocates for quick fixes since they hurt you long term more than help your short term goal. Quick fixes may be faster than doing it the right way, but they are certainly not healthier nor simpler. This blog is about offering a solution that will support you in reshaping some of your negative beliefs about healthy eating.  One that could support your short and long term goals alike.

I studied nutrition to first help myself. I wanted to be healthier and my life to feel simpler.

Let’s just say that being a professional dancer and feeling all the pressures that come with the title meant that I have done every diet on God’s green earth. I have especially done the ‘quick fix’ ones- the ones that give you fast results and a messed up thyroid as a bonus. I believe my nutritional mistakes collaborated in me inheriting Hashimoto Disease. I definitely chose faster and certainly not healthier or simpler as it cost me my well being. But I am not one to live in the past, especially not in my mistakes.  I’m about solutions.

My name is Ferly Prado and I became a certified nutritionist so I could stop making dumb mistakes and finally take care of this body God has gifted me with.

Having studied Nutrition, I realized one astounding thing: WE ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO ALREADY. Everyone knows they should eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water, stay away from processed sugar, and on and on. So the real question isn’t “What should I do?” as much as it is “Why don’t I do it?


The reasons (I used to call them ‘excuses’) are many. We are all so different, with different upbringings, living different lifestyles that come with different stress variants, with different body types, different genes, different ages and activity level, that the list can be long:

“I grew up this way”

“I don’t have time”

“I don’t make the time”

“I have a horrible metabolism!”

“Food prepping stresses me out”

“I don’t cook”

and on and on.

My goal with this blog post is to introduce you to a company I came across a few months ago that in a very short time has been of great benefit to my health and lifestyle. It is called SAKARA.

The Beginning of Healthier, Faster and Simpler

Sakara shows eating healthy is simpler and faster than we thing

I first came to know SAKARA when doing research for our 10-day Metabolism Boosting program called METABOLIX. I was searching for natural, mother-nature-giving ways of boosting one’s metabolism. I came across their Metabolism Super Powder. I immediately fell in love with it (the principles and ethics behind their mission and products) and decided to try more.

I started with their 3 day Signature Program.:

I was so impressed with how everything was packaged and how organized everything was. No thought to it from my end, which allows me to think less about food and spend more time just enjoying it!

Neatly packed and clearly labeled.

The colors each meal pack was the first thing I noticed. As a nutritionist, I know the more colors in your plate, the more nutrient-packed the meal is. My eyes were so happy! I was still not sure I was going to enjoy it, as SAKARA is a Plant Based company. But I love trying new things so I gave it a try.

I wanted to log some of the meals I was having to keep track of the research I was doing on home delivery meals.

This skeptic became a believer in 3 days. I am one of those hypocrites who loves animals but eats them (so sad). But here I was, eating plant based meals and loving every minute of it! Am I a vegetarian or vegan now? NO! But man, I understand them now!

On their website on Why Sakara from the Menu, they state: Our meals and products are backed by cutting-edge nutrition science and traditional healing wisdom to give your body what it needs to thrive.

And wow, they are not lying! I had to try it again (and again and again). My body is so happy and energetic when I give it the SAKARA meals. The meals are so nutritious that I found myself having a hard time finishing them! I was shocked. I thought on a plant based diet I would for sure find myself hungy all the time. Not so! I find myself getting fuller MUCH MUCH faster. And I find myself naturally following the best eating advice I have ever gotten.

AND I AM NOT SPENDING HOURS IN THE KITCHEN! It’s so nice for me to take breaks from cooking and meal prepping. I really do admire women that love to cook! Give me some of your DNA, please!

Still Healthier, Faster and Simpler…

The 3rd time I ordered their meal plan I played around with adding animal protein like salmon and turkey. YU-HUM!!! I’m telling you, this has been life changing for me:

  • Healthier: Happier body and mind
  • Faster: Less time in the kitchen
  • Simpler: Less time thinking about food
  • More pampered: More time enjoying food made by actual chefs

I immediately reached out to SAKARA and asked if I could become an affiliate. My understanding is that they don’t accept just anybody. I went through an interview process where I was asked to tell them about myself and why I wanted to promote SAKARA. I love and respect that they do that. We have all gotten those DM’s “Message ‘so and so’ for a collab”.  Those companies are just desperately seeking free promoters. They want to work with anybody and everybody, without caring if the person even believes in the company and their products. Not SAKARA! That is quality control, and THAT says a lot about the company and their products/services.

If you don’t usually put Healthier, Faster and Simpler in the same sentence, and eating well stressed you out, I am talking to you. Check out their MEAL PLANS. I started with the 3 day option. Use my code XOFERLY so you can save 20% your total order.

(Getting married? They also have an awesome BRIDAL MEAL PROGRAM!)

In Simpler Terms…

I do not promote anything I do not truly believe in and tried myself. I have to put my head on my pillow at night. I speak from my heart when I say I hope this brings you hope and excitement, and that this is the beginning of a great roadmap to achieving your health goals.

Happy Living,





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