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Finding Your Happetite

by Dec 7, 2020Blog0 comments

In my last blog, we explored the effects colors have on you. The point of these blogs is to bring you awareness to this truth so you can live life consciously.

It is no secret that eating colorful foods is the path to a healthy life.

Bright orange and yellow foods have those colors due to alpha and beta carotene, which in the body are converted into vitamin A.

Purple fruits and vegetables are rich in anthocyanins, which “have been reported as having the capacity to lower blood pressure, improve visual acuity, reduce cancer cell proliferation, inhibit tumor formation, prevent diabetes, lower the risk of CVD modulate cognitive and motor function. These are also reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity“.

The phytochemicals in red fruits and vegetables (such as lycopene and anthocyanins) may help protect against certain cancers, lower risk of diabetes, support eye health, and improve skin health.

But we don’t have to know this science to understand the effects that a bite of a papaya has on your mouth–we get to taste it! 

Ultimately food is a mirror: look into the mirror of what you eat, and you will learn to see yourself. This works the other way as well. Look into the mirror of yourself, and you will find a reflection of what you are eating.  


girl power on the mirror

The first step in the process of changing yourself is the desire to do so.

Whoever or whatever you decide to be, food will, for better or for worse, influence your psychophysical being.  

There is a kaleidoscope of forms that contribute to our choices. True nourishment comes when you can interpret your hungers and desires from the most loving place within you.

In his book Food Energetics, Steve Gagne says “Hunger and desire are two ends of the same spectrum. The physiological sensation or drive of hunger is the most visceral, instinctive, automatic expression of your life force. The highest function of this expression is desire. True desire—not simply the desire of your senses, but the desire that fuels your entire existence—is your appetite for life. ‘’

I hope you use food as one more opportunity to express your love for yourself and those around you. 

I hope your plate and your life gets more delicious every day.

Next you will learn more about 5 ways to experience a yummier life.

XO Ellye




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Food Energetics


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