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Demonstrate Courage: inside the BRAVE Challenge

Ellye O'Brien with Team 3XT

Written by: Ellye O'Brien

November 21, 2021

Jenn Lacy was our guest speaker for our 6th week in our BRAVE Challenge. Missed the live? Check back soon for a link to our chat. 

Meet this weeks’ courageous Braveheart:

“I’m not just gonna sit on the bus.” -Jenn Lacy 

 I asked Jenn….What is the cost of not taking risk?…

“I very firmly believe in never leading with fear. Fear should not guide your decision making. You can be realistic, and not negative… why are you already deeming it a failure before it begins? “

 If you let fear prevent you from showing up, your life will be exactly as it is right now…or if you are a follower… 

 “Then you’re letting somebody else decide your life for you… which is also not great.”

woman with long dark hair, in an orange fitness outfit, in front of a white wall with one arm up and the other out to the left. She is looking towards her left hand.
ferly prado

We invite you to inquire…

Do you show up for other people more than you show up for yourself?

Jenn pointed out that…

 So many people think you’re a risk taker if you sky dive…

But it doesn’t have to be some big adrenaline thing. 

Showing up to a party or eating lunch at a restaurant alone may be an act of bravery. 

 Returning to school with people half your age. 

Walking into a new classroom.

Is nobody going to sit with me?

Dancing in front of people, sharing yourself, not deleting your efforts is BRAVE.

 Jenn shares her recent IG live offerings included a follow along fitness groove… after worrying about what other’s might think or feeling concerned about not being good enough, she reminds us:

 “It turns out, nobody cares. You are having fun, the people who did it with you are having fun… and that’s all that matters.”

This weeks brave challenge invites you to:

Return to the purpose. 

Get off the bus. Find your adventure. Own your experience. 


    Wherever you go, bring your entire heart.

    Wishing you a braver day,






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