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FEEL GOOD NOW: Dance reminds you of who you are

fresstyle dance class team 3xt

No no no, this is NOT ANOTHER BLOG about how good dance is for your heart (though it is).

Yup yup yup… there are several scientific physiological benefits of dance. Google “Health Benefits of Dance” and you will be reading for hours.

But what about the part you usually don’t find on google… the part people usually don’t write about.


The personal part.


Not that your health isn’t personal, but we have an even more personal layer to each and everyone of us- the layer we are usually not giving interviews about. That layer is where dance is transformative. THAT is the part that feels REALLY GOOD!

So let’s quickly talk about that layer. I know you have 3 minutes and 23 seconds to read this blog post, so in honor of that….


Dance takes us back to our most whole self- that unstripped version of us. 


What does this mean?

It means the life we live has been shaped by us who have been shaped by our experiences and relationships over the course of the years. Everyone has had a facet or two (or three hundred) of their original personality stripped away, repressed. It did not conform to someone or something, so you were told to “stop that!” and adaptation was inevitably at hand.

To prove this, think of you earliest memory of playing as a child.

Do you remember how you felt?

Do you remember how you acted?

Do you remember what was important for you at the moment?


How we showed up as children is very different how we show up as adults.  There’s a disconnect. We call it growing up.  I call it robbery.


kids dancing freely gif



 Remember me?


Is there any part of your “old self” that you miss? We subconsciously look in others what we are missing in ourselves. Opposites do attract, and for a very good reason. If they have it and they are in our lives, we don’t need to work on obtaining it (or, in some cases, getting it back). They fill the hole. “You complete me!” But soon people disappoint us because it’s not their job to fill any holes in our lives. It’s just not.


 Starts”I thought this was a positive blog about dance…?

It is! Because check this out…

Dance invites us to show up as our most genuine child-like self in our adult shelf. That version that did not need filling, only expression. That version that appreciated exchange, but prioritized expression more.

Dance invites you to express. When you show up as your whole self you have plenty to give, plenty to express. Dance invites you to find your wholeness again and again and again. Dance invites you to transform back to your original self. Dance invites you to remember who you are! 


 To leave you hanging like this would be cruel. This is why we are passionate about our Studio3XT. We created it because after teaching in-person classes here in California and realizing so many people who are not in California, specifically Los Angeles and San Diego, need to feel the power of dance in their lives. We invite you to try our Studio for 7 days. We are proud to share it with you. You’ll see that every class and program in there has a lot of love and thought in it. We are ambassadors of dance, and we take it very seriously, in the most playful way we know how. 

I invite you to welcome dance into your life every day this week. I invite you to play every day this week. We have very short classes and we have long classes, so time is not the issue.

We created a playlist of 10 videos for you to get to know us in 10 days. We have classes in Fitness, Dance Fitness, and pure dance.  Start your 7 day trial today with Studio3XT or Studio3XT+:

booty workout with weights and resistance bands
heels class choreography
beautiful women working out
caraca muleke brazilian samba routine
wow post malone dance routine
nails hair hips heels todrick hall dance routine tutorial
women on all 4 position
raise the barre workout
Women dancing on chairs resistance bands
learn the cherry routine by lana del rey

Our hope with this blog post is that you are inspired to add play time to your daily life. We are genuinely passionate about sharing our love for dance, whether in person or through our online Studio.


Train, Transform, and Triumph… wherever you are, as you are!



Until next time, triple threat!




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