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You won’t believe this guys.

I wrote a blog about my new skin routine, which has been helping me with my acne A LOT! It has given my skin glow and life!

I shared I spent thousand of dollars in doctors, exams, creams, medicine… all in the name of clear skin. And then I found a skin regimen my skin finally started responding to in a positive way.

But what frustrated me that I never found THE SOURCE! I love solutions, but I REALLY love getting down to the root of things. Digging deep. Dealing with the situation from the very source. I am happy I found a solution to minimize inflammation on my face… but what guarantees the problem won’t come back?

In the middle of doing the #QuaranTeam3XT 6-Week Transformation Challenge, I challenged participants to do certain things with their nutrition practices. One week I was really inspired to order a at Home Food Allergy Test and get closer to finding the source of (it’s-possible-it-will-come-back) problem. So I took the test. 7 days later I got the results.

I was mad.

I was mad because it confirmed another test I had done over 15 years ago. It confirmed I am high sensitive/intollerant to my all time favorite food: EGGS.


My go-to breakfast… my go-to snack… my go-to food when I want to add more protein to my meal… is causing me inflammation beyond my imagination.

Food Sensitivity comes from the gut.

Food Allergy is the immune System talking.

Has a I had an allergic reaction to eggs, it would’ve been a different story.

As I mentioned, I did a food sensitivity test back in 2006, and I discovered I was egg intolerant. But do you hear how that sounds E-G-G–I-N-T-O-L-E-R-A-N-T. Doesn’t that sound so foolish? So, being the superhero I think I am, I chose to ignore it because… I LOVE EGGS and THEY TASTE GOOD.

So I pretended the doctor never told me anything about eggs. You know… because denial always works.

Fast forward 4 years, I began having acne problems… bad ones! BAD!

And guess what: I never thought about removing eggs from my diet (because as you may recall I am a superhero, apparently more knowledgeable than doctors, and I clearly know better than my body) so I decided eggs were not bad for me.

Well… I paid for my stubbornness in every sense of the word. It slapped all the arrogance out of me.

Since my face has been having a Hard knock life for the past 10 years, I figured I would test again and see if I got the same results.

I got on the web…

and I found a home test called Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test.

I was excited to take the test, especially since I didn’t have to leave the house (this was during COVID-19 Quarantine).


Results came 7 days later.


I have a high sensitivity to eggs. Egg white AND Egg Yolk. If the test results could’ve yelled at me, they would have because the numbers were high. That meant one thing: If I wanted to lower inflammation in my body, I had to give up eggs.


I ignored the results and kept eating eggs.

No, I’m just playing. I am stubborn, but I don’t hate myself. I knew I had to listen to my body this time. At least test it out. So I did.

And I still am! No eggs at all. 30 days strong and here’s what I have noticed.

  • No acne.
  • I no longer look pregnant.


It was time to do the inevitable…

Dear Eggs,

We are breaking up.

You are the perfect reminder that just because something tastes good (or seems good for you), it does not mean it is.

You are officially an Ex-FOODfriend.

Boy, bye,


If you struggle with inflammation, I highly recommend you get tested. My next step will be to do a THOROUGH FOOD ALLERGY AND SENSITIVITY EXAM. I am not messing around anymore. I’m hanging up the cape. This superhero is officially retired.

I am ready to humble myself and finally listen to my body. Let it to the talking, and me the listening and learning.

Happy (Inflammation-FREE) living, friends…


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