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COLORFUL HEALTH: How Colors Affect You

by Dec 6, 2020Blog0 comments

Chromotherapy expert Orcella Rexford says that

“Color is all around us. We are basking in it everywhere; but if we are unaware of it and unconscious of its influence, its wealth is not used.”

So… why not get rainbow wealthy & feel super healthy??



Color is not static, it is action. Color is a universal service, both physical and psychological. So how can we use this to help us re-establish our health? The nerves of the eye can be shocked by color as readily as the nerves of the ear by sound. The impact that colors have on our subconscious is profound. When we re-attune to the natural laws of rhythm, light, and sound — vital energy flow is the naturally occurring response.

Bringing awareness to our own personal responses to color can ultimately help us to preserve our alpha brain waves which aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.

Next we will dive into how these 9 colors impact us.


Wishing you a colorful day,

XO Ellye


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