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Change your Vibration, Change your Life

by Dec 10, 2020Blog0 comments

Are you here for you? Fidelity to your own physicality is the key to long lasting health. In my last few blogs we explored the truths about colors, finding your Happetite through a colorful plate, and ways of being present in your body. Awareness, Conscious Application, and Intentional Presence are key for optimum health.

Changing your vibration is easy when you’re willing and ready to get up and get moving. We believe movement should be an act of celebration & not torture. We believe in taking responsibility for your own mood.

If this is your style, too, Studio3XT is HERE. FOR. YOU.  


We have so many tools around us readily available that we simply don’t take advantage of. We are in a Phygital world, people, and more than ever we are in need for good and truthful connection. This is why I am personally telling you about this wonderful online world that Studio3XT is. 

Ferly Prado and Alex Kaye, who created this wonderful online world, do such a beautiful job staying as truthful and genuine thru the screen as they are in person.

Their passion for what they do and how they believe it can be transformational is contagious and impactful!

The importance of a great coach that we love, respect, and look up to cannot be overlooked. The team we choose to be a part of has a huge effect in our short term and long term successes. I invite you to join me in showing yourself some love through joining the team you deserve to be a part of now. 

If you’re looking to invest in your own energy and have some fun — this is your invite.

If you are done getting in your own way, join us here to get your groove back.


Let’s make some moves,





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