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Admit and Face your Fears- inside BRAVE Challenge

Ellye O'Brien with Team 3XT

Alexandria Kaye

October 29, 2021

On Week 3 of our BRAVE Challenge we got to chat with Katrina Jo on INSTAGRAM LIVE.  We uploaded the video to YouTube and posted it below for those who do not have an IG account

Directly from a woman who has inspired me and continues to.

MEET KATRINA JO Professional dancer, Clipper girl, Chargers girl, Choreographer, Entrepreneur, co-founder of FedWork Podcast. Key Manager at Moet Hennessy and Board of SIPA-which gives back to community

Katrina has always been so supportive, humble, and a great friend!!

Admitting and facing your fears was the topic of discussion. 

(If you missed our chat on Vulnerability with Lisa Fischer I highly recommend you check that out and come back to this.)

alex kaye and katrina jo
ferly prado



Without hesitation Katrina accepted my invite to join me however she had no idea about what I was going to put her on the spot for. She took a leap of faith which is nothing new for her and we dove right in. I had to get in serious mode as wherever Katrina and I are together we are goofballs and usually dancing.

You can’t get through your fears without courage, without being vulnerable first.

Alex Kaye

First question I asked was…

Do you admit your fears past or present and how do you navigate through them?

Openly and honestly she admitted her two:



With the fear of failure we both share the commonality of coming from professional dance backgrounds and having to face the hundreds of auditions and castings in the heart of Hollywood. Its probably one of the most challenging careers to be in a sense that you are constantly being examined and judged from the color of your hair to how fast you can pick up a routine and perform in front of complete strangers. The fears of looking crazy or falling flat on your face are definitely a few that arise as you place that number on your chest and hope you book a job. Especially when you chose a career based on inconsistent seasons and when your body and the physical demands of it are high.

 The same fears came up with transitioning in to events and marketing for Katrina. Nervousness arises and Katrina came to realize…

    “If you’re nervous or fearful it means you care about your craft.”

    I love how she turned such a powerful emotion people struggle with daily and saw the positive in it. Whenever fear creeps in, listen to Katrina’s advice…

      “A little fear can be healthy.”

      With fear of not having control she shares that it took a while to understand that this wanting to control everything was exactly what was sabotaging her from progressing and moving forward in other avenues of her life. She was fearful of building a bigger team even thought she knew it was necessary and would leave her not being satisfied because it wasn’t the way, “she would do it.” Controlling everything was hindering all the potential possibilities.

      “If I gave away some of the creative control it could be bigger than I even imagined.

      After asking her mentor and sharing with people in her circle she sought out and asked for help which allowed Katrina to spread the tasks and bring to light her newest creation. GLAM GIRLS a promotional model and dance company blossomed even more and Katrina soon came to realize burn out was not the option. “I went forward with expanding her team and has been eye opening.” Katrina emphasizes that work and life balance is key and asking for help made all the difference.

      “Allow people to help you and surrender.”

      What I love about Katrina is her heart at the end of the day. She not only surrendered to giving up her idea of being in control but she reciprocates to those around her, constantly helping build and give back to those women. She wants to see everyone WIN.

      Ready for another Gem…

      Just when I thought we covered it Katrina shares another positive insight.  I, 100% could not agree more with this next statement.

      “There is Bravery in slowing down and pushing reset. Keep going, YES absolutely, but there is nothing wrong in taking a healthy a pause. Refocusing, organizing, and making sure your foundation is strong.” 

      fedwork ladies

      She mentions how both her and her cofounder of FEDWork was built from the ground up had to take a step back and hit PAUSE. This was another decision made that, as an entrepreneur, can make one feel uneasy about, like you’re not moving fast enough or you can’t afford to do. However, it was the complete opposite. Slowing down led to more sponsorships for the podcast and for both founders to show up more clearly and confidently in their productions.


      Her latest accomplishment was creating a pitch deck platform where she gives consultations to new and established business owners. She used what she’s learned to help their brands and raise funding.

      We discussed how her newest baby, “How to Create A Successful Pitch Deck”- a step-by-step program for creators and business owners, helps brands pitch and raise funding was one of the scariest things she’s ever done.

      black girl wearing a white shirt

        Katrina sat with this newest creation for 3 months before sharing it with anyone. She did her research asking and clarifying the need for such a helpful tool but was afraid no one would find it important or read it. With the positive outcome that Katrina shares in the live from producing this what I find worth noting is that we also need to give up the pressure that we have to work so fast and rush
      everything. Creation takes time, learning something new takes time and each of us have our own journey. What stuck with me from her was to not forget who you are. Katrina reminded herself of her 11 years of experience in the entertainment world, and that she was already a master of Pitch decks! Letting go and sharing it with the world was an active step she took in the form of

      Finally, just as we all know all of her accomplishments didn’t happen overnight I had to ask what does Katrina do on a daily basis to help her combat distractions to continue to move forward and fear LESS.

      • No phone first thing
      • Dedicate time to her faith and inspiration
      • Plays music jazz to set the tone
      • Music is great tool to realign
      • Meditations daily
      • Body scanning is huge to acknowledge where she’s at
      • Check list not overexert INCLUDING Schedule breaks too for yourself!
      • Cultivate a space at home that brings peace and comfort use candles, incense so your space at home feels good.



      1. A little fear is healthy

      2. There Is bravery in slowing down

      3. You can be brave and terrified at the same time

      4. Ask for your tribe for help

      5. It’s a daily practice, whether through your faith, spirituality, how you set
      yourself every day makes all the difference.

      Be sure to follow @KatrinaJo @FedWork! Keep moving and inspiring the world
      Katrina. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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