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Are you loving our NEW abs series?

Whether you’re looking for a new series to trim your waistline, or to boost your immune system and lower your stress during this pandemic, or to correct your posture and address body pain, we are excited to offer you 7 different ways to love your belly this week!

Week 1 of 11:21 was delicious!

7 ways to fall in love with our belly, connect, and appreciate.

Our goal with this series:

  • to encourage you to connect with yourself and embrace “me-time”
  • to equip you into loving and trusting your gut
  • to help you enjoy moving your body
  • to help you feel good right now
  • to help you reach your fitness goals
  • to support you in the changes you wish to see and feel

Every day of this series we offer you a physical and mental/emotional challenge. If spirituality is in your wold, it will be recruited, as well.

This series is one of the most accessible series we have ever created. We really truly think it can serve everyone- from a child to a nana.

Let’s take a look at what this week holds for you!

7 different ways to love your belly this week!


DAY 8: StABilize Before You Rise” Ferly went LIVE today! Workout is up on ,YouTube!

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside.

A really yummy series to help you say hello to your belly and observe everything it can do for you. Our series will take you off the floor this week, so today we kneel before we stand!

Day 8 MANTRA: “I am doing this because ________.”

DAY 9: “Trust your Gut” Join Alex LIVE on Tuesday, July 21st 10am PST

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside,

Our first standing series. Here’s where you will trust your gut and all the information you have absorbed the past 8 days. This is when your self-confidence kicks in.

Day 9 MANTRA: “I will stay with myself even thru challenging moments.”

DAY 10: Martha GrahABS” Premieres Wednesday, July 22nd at 7am PST

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside,

A Dance inspired workout to help you flow on your mat in a very unique and fun way! Martha Graham inspired!

Day 10 MANTRA: “Today, I let go of __________ and replace it with ___________.”

DAY 11: “I VACUUM like this” Alex goes LIVE on Thursday, July 23rd at 10am PST

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside.

Day 11 builds on what you have learned on Day 9 and 10. It gives you an opportunity to repeat movements AND progress them. Repeating new information allows you to clean out the gunk- let go of what you thought was and embrace what is now.

Day 11 MANTRA: “Today, I am open and ready to receive, and I am patient with the student in me.”

DAY 12: “Turn Down CORE What?” Ferly goes LIVE on Friday, July 24th at 10am

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside.

Day 12 builds on day 11, except we turn up! Today we invite you to LET OUT the energy that has come with the past 11 days. Today we trust ourselves and push ourselves. Today, we have fun!

Day 12 MANTRA: “I am really proud of myself.”

DAY 13: nABaste!” Premieres Saturday, July 25th at 7am PST

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside.

Day 13 calls you to create space in your body and invite recovery. Today we quiet the mind and the body, turn in to our inside, and hear what our bodies are saying.

Day 13 MANTRA: “I give thanks to every amazing cell in my body.”

DAY 14: “intoWishin” Premiers Sunday, July 26th at 7am PST

11 line abs in 21 days. Connect inside, change outside.

Today is all about Intuition/”Into-wishin”. Since it’s your physical day off, it gives the mind space to just wander, explore, tune in, empty out. Grab your journal and hear what our Ellye has to say.

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our ,,YouTube Channel and turn on notifications to all these workouts. If you can’t join LIVE, join whenever it fits your schedule. All videos are saved to our YouTube channel.

We created 11:21 along side Ellye O’Brien, who I am sure you have fallen in love with by now. Her goal is to share Pilates in a fun way, and I THINK SHE NAILS THAT! We asked for her help because we wanted to create an ab series accessible to all, including women with Diastasis Recti. By doing this, we realized this series automatically served a lot more people in the spectrum of fitness levels- from beginners to advanced. But when it comes to DR, we understand cases vary. Two women on the same stage of DR may respond completely differently to the same exercise. There are SEVERAL available DR modifications, but just so you don’t have 20 different modifications on your screen, we keep it simple and offer a safer modification to exercises we feel need it. However, depending on which stage of DR you are in, you might not even be ready for the modified version of the exercise. You are responsible for your body and well-being so please consult your physician and make sure you really understand what you should and should not be doing in your current DR stage.

If you know someone who could benefit from a series like this, forward this to them.

Let’s change and improve together. We deserve to feel our best NOW!

Happy and Healthy Living,


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