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5 Pathways to Presence

by Dec 10, 2020Blog0 comments

In reverence of topic of colors and how being aware of them can make our life more enjoyable by conscious application, let’s talk about intentional living.

The great poet Kabir said “When the guest is being searched for, it is the intensity of the longing for the guest that does all the work.” I think this means that the urgency with which we pursue our life focus is the very fuel that generates the value of our experience. This sentiment brings us back to a place of direct self responsibility. So what does it feel like for you to be living within the state of your own satisfied desire? A state that is not outside of you but is the field of your actual felt experience.

Merging with the fullness of your senses and connecting to your fundamental frequency is your own unique opportunity and privilege. Here are 5 pathways back to presence that I lean on again and again.

breathe on screen

1. Brahmari breathing (bee breathing)

    1. While practicing Bhramari breath- you close your eyes, block your ears and make an audible humming sound. This allows you to focus on something other than mental chatter & blocks out external distractions… YES PLEASE. Choose to use this when you need relief from overwhelm or agitation. I like to do around 8 cycles.

      If you have trouble feeling the vibration, try a little higher pitch so you can establish a wakefulness among relaxation.


    community on the beach
    1. Community for immunity

    Staying connected to our loved ones often is vital to our wellbeing. We are tribal creatures by nature and we are not meant to do it all alone. My friends help strengthen my sense of belonging and bring me joy I could never buy at the store. This one is pretty obvious but oh so important.


    community on the beach

    3. Smell the Roses:

    Literally. Engaging with scent is an immediate transportation to enlightenment. What are you waiting for? I keep Sage essential oils in my car and home as outlets to ground me into the present moment. 


    backbend yoga pose
    1. BACKBEND: 

    No surprise here folks— Back bending opens our heart chakra, builds our courage and stamina, and gives us an instant burst of energy. Not to mention they help lower stress and anxiety, improve posture, spinal flexibility and mobility. YES, PLEASE.


    traveling adventures

    5. MAKE it TASTY

    1. Savoring a moment, a meal, or a loved one all help me to cherish this life and to appreciate this exact opportunity to be here. I love staying open to trying a new food, walking in a new neighborhood, or meeting someone new. Noticing when I have closed my mind off in some way thinking I know it all is a sign that I need to reorient my ego and resubmerge myself in vast and eternal curiosity.


    These gates of perception are our entry points to getting to know ourselves more deeply and more honestly. Click here to stay curious and learn more about my favorite place to get moving. 


    Wishing you an extra delicious day,





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