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Just like DJ Khaled, “ANOTHER ONE!”

We love creating series for you guys, all to help you stay moving and to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Do not feel overwhelmed! Some of you guys might be in the middle of a series right now, and it’s all good! We are just offering this if your goal is to work on the health and look of your abs. The workouts in this series recruit other muscle groups, like the back, the booty, the arms, and the legs. BUT THE FOCUS IS THE ABS. If this interests you, then this series is SO FOR YOU!

One of our students requested we offer modifications in our daily workouts for people with Diastasis Recti. We heard her! Not only we started creating DR friendly daily workouts, but we created a whole series with the subject in mind.

We wanted to create an ab series that is accessible to as many people as possible. AND WE THINK WE ACCOMPLISHED JUST THAT WITH 11:21 ABS SERIES!

We asked one of our dear friends and Pilates expert Ellye O’Brien, who is extremely knowledgeable in human anatomy and working with women who have DR. She has worked in physical therapy centers, so her approach to movement and how to progree is is BRILLIANT!

We are also a team of busy women. We have busy moms in our team and we have hardworking singles. Everyone’s time is precious, that’s why we take seriously what we create for you. WE DO NOT WANT TO WASTER ONE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME! We like to have a good time, that’s why our workouts are energetic and fun. But know that just as much as we like to have a good time, we are just as serious about delivering our best to you.

We are excited to announce this series Premiers this Monday, July 13th, at 7am.

Some workouts are posted, but most workouts will be LIVE!


DAY 1: Hello, COREgeous! Premiers Monday, July 13th at 7am PST

DAY 2: CENTER of Attention Premiers Tuesday, July 14th at 7am PST

DAY 3: ABSolutely Premiers Wednesday, July 15th at 7am PST

DAY 4: “Why don’t you just Meet me in the MIDDLE” Alex is going LIVE on Thursday, July 16th at 10am PST

DAY 5: ABC’s of ABS Ferly is going LIVE on Friday, July 17th at 10am PST

DAY 6: “I Love AB N’ Roll” Premiers Saturday, July 18th at 7am PST

DAY 7: Recover, and ResCORRE Premiers Sunday, July 19th at 7am PST

DAY 8: StABilize Before You Rise Ferly is going LIVE on Monday, July 20th at 10am PST

DAY 9: Trust your Gut Alex is going LIVE on Tuesday, July 21st 10am PST

DAY 10: Martha GrahABS Premieres Wednesday, July 22nd at 7am PST

DAY 11: “I VACUUM like this” Alex goes LIVE on Thursday, July 23rd at 10am PST

DAY 12: “Turn Down CORE What?” Ferly goes LIVE on Friday, July 24th at 10am

DAY 13: nABaste! Premieres Saturday, July 25th at 7am PST

DAY 14: “what I like ABout you? Premiers Sunday, July 26th at 7am PST

DAY 15: ”PLANK You, NEXT!” Ferly goes LIVE on Monday, July 27th at 10am PST

DAY 16: “No passengers on my PLANK” Alex goes LIVE on Tuesday, July 28th at 10am PST

DAY 17: “Rock the boat” We go LIVE on Wednesday, July 29th at 10am PST

DAY 18: “Rockefeller Center” Alex goes LIVE on Thursday, July 30th at 10am PST

DAY 19: Everybody ABS now” Ferly goes LIVE on Friday, July 31st at 10am PST

DAY 20”: “Move Girls Light Your ABS on Fire” Premiers Saturday, August 1st at 7am PST

DAY 21: “Taking CENTER stage” The girls will go LIVE on August 2nd at 10am PST

“Where is all this amazingness happening?”, you might ask?

On our ,,YouTube Channel!

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and turn on notifications to all these workouts.

If you cant join LIVE, you can get your ab workout done whenever it fits your schedule. Do what you can! Doing something is already more than doing nothing.

Monday-Saturday you work, Sunday you recover. We offer you videos on Sundays that focus more on the mindset and the journey.

Whether you’re looking for a new series to follow, or to correct your posture, or to trim your waistline, or to address body pain, we are excited for you to receive all the knowledge and guidance this Series has to offer.

If you know someone who could benefit from a series like this, forward this to them.

Let’s change and improve together. We deserve to feel our best!

Happy and Healthy Living,


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