Barre workout with GoFit’s Resist-a-Cuff, focusing on strengthening and sculpting the booty and the legs!

Do I need to own a ballet barre?” , No you do not need to own a barre. You can use a high chair, a counter, or the assistance of a wall to mimic a ballet barre. If you are a barre workout lover and would like to invest on a set that’s good quality and won’t break the bank, we suggest you check out GoFit’s GoBarre.

Can I do this workout without the Resist-a-Cuffs?” YES! Thought we highly recommend you owning a Resist-a-Cuff and using it to amplify your experience, you will still feel the burn and break a sweat during this workout without it.


This is 1 of 3 of our Sweet FifTEAM : BOOTY SERIES with GoFit. We partnered with GoFit to bring you this Sweet FifTEAM series to bring you 15 minute workouts that can fit your schedule and that you can feel proud about completing. Worth your while!

Equipment we use in this video:  GoFit’s Resist-a-Cuffs 

We highly recommend Resist-a-Cuffs as once you wrap them on around your ankles, these babies aren’t going anywhere! Great resistance and functionality. (We only promote products we truly like and stand behind it).

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