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Not a one person job.

3XT is a women owned company that promotes the development of girls and women through fitness and the arts, including physical education, dance training, performance opportunities, team building activities, and community outreach. It embodies safe connection which inspires powerful individual transformation and expansion. We create uplifting experiences with the goal of improving mental health, strengthening emotional and physical health, as well as creating a culture of body positivity. 

We are a culture of triple threats- empowering young girls and mature women to do all they set their minds to and be a posi

How it All Began…

In the heart of Los Angeles the two met as principal dancers in a dance company while pursuing their dreams to perform with top artists in the entertainment industry. It was only a matter of time their goals of booking world tours and TV performances would be reached as they continued to cross paths while working with elite brands like Nike and Skechers.

Team3XT was born in 2017, as Alex and Ferly saw a need for entertaining, result driven workouts that were undivided, current, and exciting. The duo began plotting a multifaceted training program for on the go fitness enthusiasts and dancers as a way to stay fit and healthy while on the road. The artists they worked for were stars, but so were the dancers next to them. Alex and Ferly believe everyone is a star in their own right, hence the name Team3XT: a Team of Triple Threats. A community was created to not only inspire people to move and take care of their physical health, but also to show everyone is capable of reaching their full potential with the forces of fitness and dance behind them.


Team3XT is a passionate community designed to ignite your inner star.

Through several genres of exercise and dance, we deliver entertaining, creative, engaging and transformational experiences that inspire you to move and live with purpose.


To give our best, to grow with you, and to support you in your healthy and happy living journey. We will always offer a balance of disciplined training and light hearted sessions. We will always push you and encourage you, while reminding you of how strong and powerful you are. We promise to help you see the triple threat in you.

Join the industry’s leading professional dancers and certified trainers as they share their passion and experience to inspire millions around the world. Team3XT will show you that the benefits of movement are endless and that living and maintaining happy and healthy lifestyles are possible.

“Dance does not discriminate, it liberates!”

Collaboration Over Competition

Together, Everyone Achieves More

We love partnering with those who share our core values. We are here to support you every step of the way and grow as a community.

You’ll say YES to new friends and deep connections all with the motive of living our best life.

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