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The 3XT Dance Company

From Day-to-Day to the Stage

Get trained by Alex Kaye and Ferly Prado AND gain access to professional performing opportunities. Imagination and Dreams become a reality.

Los Angeles and San Diego. 

No Auditions. Just a Good Attitude.

We do not hold any auditions. We welcome and cater to all levels as we believe dance is for every body.

The only prerequisite: a good attitude! No exception. No excuses.

Kids have access to great dance training and they benefit Artistically, Emotionally, Physically, and Socially from it. It’s rare to find an adult program that compares. That’s where 3XT comes in. We take 9-5 Women and Full Time Moms from their Day-to-Day to the Stage in 8 sessions. All ages, ethnicities, body types, skill sets are welcome- proving that dance is truly for anyone who is willing to commit and surrender.


All services currently take place in Los Angeles and San Diego.

If dance has room in your life this quarter, you have 3 ways to be in the room with us the next 8 Weeks:

  • Master Class Drop-in
  • Training Company
  • Performing Company

Drop in means you come in for 1 hour whenever is convenient for you in the next 8 weeks. No commitment.

Training means you come to us once a week for 1 hour for the next 8 weeks. You take advantage of savings and reap the benefits of ‘commitment’.

Performing is for you if you are looking to have the whole feast. It means you come to us once a week for 3 hours (in the same evening) for the next 8 weeks. You want to train AND perform with 3XT



  • 8 x 3-hour Training and Rehearsal sessions with Ferly & Alex
  • Complimentary Studio3XT
  • Monthly 1:1 15-minute Check-ins with Ferly & Alex
  • Enjoy members’ discounts on events
  • Photoshoot
  • Performance opportunities
  • Weekly 1:1 Video Feedback and Training



  • Train and triumph in 6 x 1-hour sessions with Ferly & Alex
  • Complimentary Studio3XT Access
  • Monthly 1:1 15-minute
  • Check-ins with Ferly & Alex
  • Enjoy members’ discounts on events
  • Savings (from Single Master Class Drop-ins)



    Space is limited. Be in the room with Ferly and Alex and the Team and enjoy the supportive and friendly energy!


    For Weeks 1-6 we are focusing on Latin Style Dance Training.

    For Weeks 7 and 8 is Heels, – gorgeous, classy, and feminine.

    For Performing Members we are preparing for our International Stage Takeover for the LA FAIR on May 14th.

    For Weeks 7 and 8 we are inviting both Training and Performing Members to participate in a simple and stunning video shoot of a Heels Routine we will work on. This is included in the Performing Company Membership, and will be available for an additional cost for Training Members.


    The Sisterhood is real!

    We are happy and proud to say our Company Girls are Simply the Best. With their help, we have created an accepting and loving sisterhood where everyone can feel they belong to. We truly have an authentic community of strong and passionate women who love lifting each other up. Thank you, Triple Threats!

    • Come back to your love of Dance
    • Build your confidence
    • Develop body positivity
    • Embrace your sexuality
    • Own your body and voice

    It is never too late. DANCE can bring joy and fulfilling stimulation. MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE can improve a woman’s self-esteem, positively influencing her mental health. 

    We love watching our company members grow as humans, as artists, and as thinkers, witnessing them recognize their power and shattering their negative beliefs.

    Hailey Jackson Team 3XT
    Kristyn Gallant
    2xt dance company dancers

    We Make it Exceptional.

    /ˌikˈsepSH(ə)n(ə)l/ : unusually good, outstanding, not typical.

    Every session, every experience, is thoroughly thought out and planned with the quarter’s goal in mind. Our goal is that at the end of the quarter you have met a new version or layer of yourself.

    This quarter’s goal: Feel and Act Exceptional!

    ferly and alex on ten ten helipad

    Created by Ferly Prado and Alex Kaye.

    Elite+Genuine Instructors

    Alex and Ferly have performed with artists like Rihanna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, to name a few. Their humble and ’down to earth’ personalities make this experience accessible to ALL personalities, ages, and backgrounds. The introvert and the extrovert, the young and the young at heart, the beginner and the advanced. They genuinely care about everyone’s experience with the company inside and outside the studio. A positive and empowering encounter is their #1 priority.

     Interested in joining?

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    3xt dance company


    We wanted to take women from their 9-5 to the stage and experience dance to its fullest. We started this company because we were tired of watching boring dance programs being launched that focus more on calorie count and mindless entertainment rather than dance changing lives, as it did ours. We want people to stop being robbed of the joyous opportunity to holistically and drastically improve their lives through the power of this miracle we call dance. Dance is for everyone so auditioning made no sense.


    To help every woman realize and act on her full potential through the accessibility of dance. 3XT invites every woman to experience her whole self by challenging the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly,- all from within, not from without.

    Taking our experience from the big stages and TV sets and packaging it into an experience for the woman who gave up on her childhood dream erases the myth that dance has an expiration date in her life. We train our dancers to be able to go behind a camera or up on stage with confidence and purpose. We love watching our company members grow as humans, as artists, and as thinkers, witnessing them recognize their power and shattering their negative beliefs.

    Dance, Dreaming, and Discipline is for everyone. So we create opportunities that involve all three.”

    Alex Kaye and Ferly Prado (creators and co-founders of Team 3XT)


    You Are More Capable Than You Think!

    You are allowed to have fun. You are allowed to be vulnerable. You are allowed to show off your power. This is where you unleash the triple threat- that layer of you that holds your unique worth. Alex and Ferly give you their 1:1 Private Feedback so you can feel seen and heard, as well as accelerate the results you seek. This is a liberating experience that will help you get back to your true self.

    Witness the star that is already in you and let it shine, Girl!

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