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3XT Dance Co. 2023


Wednesdays in San Diego | Thursdays in Los Angeles • New Quarter: 8/2 thru 9/21


2 Ways to Join

For Q3 things will be a little different yet equally exciting.

Both Ferly and Alex will be unavailable for our Q3 dates. Ferly will be unavailable in person as she choreographs and performs in Dita Von Teese’s new Last Vegas show. Alex will be unavailable as she is touring with Lana Del Rey.

Our new 3XT Teacher Trainees, Lenzi Marshall, Bia Gomez and Sarah Thomason taking over. They have been trained and trusted by Team 3XT to take over this Quarter and will continue to receive mentorship. Quality is VERY important for 3XT.

2 Ways to Join Q3

If you want to make room for dance in your life this quarter, you have 2 ways to be in the 3XT room for 8 Weeks:

  • Training Company
  • Master Class Drop-in

Joining the Training Company means you come to us once a week for 1 hour for the next 8 weeks. You take advantage of savings, perks, and reap the benefits of commitment.

Drop in means you come in for 1 hour whenever is convenient for you. No commitment.

What it includes...

For those who want to train and not perform.

  • 8 week commitment: 1 hour on Wednesday evenings (4/6-5/25)
  • Complimentary Studio3XT Access
  • 1:1 check ins with Alex and/or Ferly
  • Option to participate on a fun Video Shoot on 5/24 for SD, or 5/25 for LA (additional fee, not included in Training Members
What it includes...

1 hour class on any of the available dates this quarter.

PerX of Joining the Training Company vs. just Dropping in

  • Immediate savings in Q3
  • Q4 Savings for both Performing and Training Memberships (you will have access to special pricing)
  • Free or discounted rates for Drop-ins taught by Ferly thru the end of the year.

Come train with us for 8 weeks for 1 hour to 90 minutes a week. You get to feel that 3XT energy and get fantastic dance training that will empower you.

The first hour is dedicated to training.

The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to filming*.

*You will have access to class footage. You are not obligated to participate. 3XT trains women to feel more and more comfortable in front of the camera,- a tool we can all use in this day and age.

Having Class Footage is also a great way to keep track of your growth.


LOCATION: San Diego’s dance studio location is Rancho Bernardo/Poway, and Los Angeles location is Santa Monica.

DATES: San Diego is every Wednesday from August 2nd thru September 20th. Los Angeles is every Thursday from August 3rd thru September 21st.

Q4 will begin October 4th, so you will have one week off between Quarters.


Commercial Hip Hop.

Reuqests will be considered by your city’s Trainer!


THE LOGISTICS: Training Members train with 3XT weekly for 1 hour a week for 8 Weeks, and enjoy an additional 30 minutes dedicated to filming the class. 3XT San Diego is on Wednesdays from from 7-8:30pm, and 3XT Los Angeles is on Thursdays from 7-8:30pm. 


  • Weekly 1 hour training
  • Weekly 30 minutes of filming (you have access to footage)
  • Complimentary access to Studio3XT
  • Q3 Savings


This Quarter Lenzi Marshall will be teaching in San Diego and Beatriz Gomes and Sarah Thomason will be teaching in Los Angeles.



Upon signing up, you will receive complimentary access to our online dance and fitness studio, Studio3XT,- good thru June 30th.

We are not a Cardio Dance class. We value legitimate dance training and commitment to the craft. We stand for authentic high quality teaching while promoting integrity to non-competitively show up with consistency and love for the team and the dream. We stand for faith in self, commitment to personal and communal growth, courage to try despite the outcome, excitement for self-discovery and embodiment, freedom of expression, and ultimately getting out of your own way.

Alex Kaye and Ferly Prado- creators of Team 3XT

We started this company because we were tired of watching boring dance programs being launched that focus more on calories burned or mindless entertainment. We wanted people to stop being robbed of the joyous opportunity to holistically and drastically improve their lives through the power of this miracle we call ‘DANCE’.

Taking our experience from the big stages and TV sets and packaging it into an experience for any and every woman erases the myth that dance has an expiration date in her life. We love watching our company members grow as humans, as artists, and as thinkers, witnessing them recognize their power and shattering their negative beliefs.”


Membership Options

Training Co. Membership

Pay ONE TIME or in 2 INSTALLMENTS, or Drop in:

Our Core Values

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We believe dance is for everyone, which is why we created a dance company where there are no auditions. We don’t choose you. You choose us.

WHY WE EXIST: We understand that dance is a powerful force that can be transformative, and anything that creates a dent in your life requires commitment. This company is an invitation for you to commit to your growth, your expansion. It’s an invitation for you to dance your way into finding out exactly what you’re capable of and redefine your limitations.

WHO IS IT FOR: Our only rule is “Don’t be an ass hole”.  

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