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Triple Threat

Want to TRAIN with excitement, TRANSFORM your confidence, and TRIUMPH in your purpose? You’re in the right place!

Dance and Workout like a Triple Threat, improve your life:

Train and Perform with the Team in Los Angeles and San Diego!

Drop in for a class, or sign up for upcoming events!

Train with the Team anywhere, anytime!


Using our experiences from touring the big stages and working the film sets, we create dance and fitness experiences that transform lives. 

Meet the Founders:



Choreographer: Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, NIKE

Dancer: Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Cher

Nutritionist: Pn1 Certified, NASM

Education: Kirov Academy, Southern Ballet Theatre, Debbie Allen Dance Academy

“I am honored to share my passion for dance and fitness with you. Now let’s make some magic!”



Movement Coach: Fabletics, Lana Del Rey

Dancer: Rihanna, J-Lo, Usher

B.A., Liberal Arts- St Mary’s College of California

Trainer: AFAA Certified, Yoga Alliance

“We are all on this fitness journey. I won’t make you better alone, we will together!”

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Triple Threat Training



Train with Alex Kaye and Ferly Prado in person and enjoy the Sisterhood.

Feel the Magic in Person!

Learn from the Best. To train the 3XT way means you understand dance is more than just exercise and entertainment. Dance is transformative when experienced right. Our goal is to do that for you.

Currently available in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Train Anywhere. Triumph Everywhere.

You don’t have to be in California to Train with the Team. Join our online studio today!

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Learn from the Best, anywhere!

“As professional dancers with demanding jobs, our physique and mental health are important. We gathered what we have learned works and created dance and fitness programs to help you reach your personal goals.”

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Renew your Mind

Train. Transform. Triumph!

Through their resumés of sharing the stage with Music’s biggest names and certifications to prove their knowledge and professionalism, Ferly Prado and Alex Kaye inspire a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I am capable of anything” for women everywhere who love to practice self-care and tap into their full creative power.

They prove that by moving away from “class-to-class” and into “action-to-goal”, even the newest dancer and fitness enthusiast can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate excitement and a new found energy in their life, as they move closer to meeting their whole self.

3xt success stories before and after

“I am able to stay healthy and happy while enjoying, what doesn’t even seem like a workout or a diet. It’s now my lifestyle. The 3XT ladies, Ferly and Alex, encourage me to be the best me and to be confident with my body. They are able to make this possible with their positive motivation and infectious smiles. Leaving me smiling daily.”

– Angela

“After having a baby, I loved how the Team3XT meets you at any endurance, age, or ability to dance. It’s not just a ‘workout program’. It also gives me all the fundamentals of nutrition, even nutrition that is specific to me, and make you sweat fun workouts that keep me motivated and inspired to seek the best version of me. I not only see my physical results but how it changed me with a happier more energetic version of me!”

– SueEllen

“I always have so much fun with these girls! They’re sexy, sassy, confident and kind on top of it all! They’re great at breaking down super cool choreography in an understandable way. Sometimes I see the routine and my jaw drops, but by the end of class I’m usually doing it (for the most part) pretty well! Highly recommend 3XT for anyone who loves to dance, workout, or just wants to have some fun!”

– Andreana

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